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Back Pain Cairns

Back Pain Cairns

The Three Hidden Causes of All Back Pain

Let me introduce to you to the three hidden causes of all back pain (really all health conditions, for that matter)’ begin with terms that are slightly technical, and then expl what they mean in plain EngUsh. Once you understand these key concepts, you’ll probably never look at your own back pain the same way again.

Back pain is ultimately caused by one (or more) of the following three issues:

Excess (“too much”)

deficiency (“too little”)

Stagnation (“too slow”)

All these terms revolve around the idea that to live pain free? You need to maintain a delicate balance in your body? Mind, and diet. It’s important to avoid too much (i.e., excess) of anything that causes you pain or too little (i.e., deficiency) of something in order to prevent pain from occurring.

Jjor example, if you do too much weightlifting, causing your muscles to get shorter and less flexible, and you do too little stretching to lengthen and increase the flexibility of your muscles, you create a condition that is ripe for back

Similarly, if you have too much negative emotional stress and too little downtime to process and deal with that stress, you’ll be creating conditions in your body that are ripe for pain while limiting your ability to heal.

Let’s look at each of these three concepts in more detail.

Back Pain Cairns

Excess: Too Much of Something

When we talk about excess, we’re talking about too much of something. If you drink too much soda, coffee, caffeinated drinks, you’ll have too much caffeine in your system (as well as other junk). Since caffeine is a diuretic that causes you to urinate a lot? You’ll have too little water left in your body. The discs in the spine need water to stay healthy and function optimally- Too little water and they degenerate, making you vulnerable to nerve compression and pa

If you eat too much of the wrong kinds of fats—such as Hydrogenared (partially or fully) vegetable oils; fried foods; and foods such as chips, crackers, and the like-you 11 likely carry too much fat on your body, potentially straining your muscles and putting extra pressure on your back. In addition, the body requires a delicate balance of different kinds fats to avoid inflammation, too much of these tip the scales in favor of inflammation and pain. (I’ll explain more about diet and inflammation in a later chapter.)

can have too much of just about anything in any area of our lives. I’ve touched on diet, but what about the physical body? Too much running, cycling, or weightlifting-without cross-training with other types of exercise, activities-can lead to uneven muscle strength and flexibility.

Much sitting at the computer can lead to shortened muscles in the backs of the legs, which creates back pain. Too much stretching, without strength training, can lead to weak and flabby muscles that no longer support the body properly.

We can expand this concept to our mental lives. Too much stress can weaken the body s defenses and lead to sickness. Too much anxiety can lead to tension headaches and irritable bowels-even panic attacks. Too much self-j udgment can lead to depression and low self-esteem, which decreases blood flow in the body and robs the tissues of adequate oxygen supply.

All these excesses throw the body and mind out of balance, tipping the scales toward back pain-not to mention other kinds of pain and/or disease.

Back Pain Cairns

Deficiency: Too Little of Something

When we talk about deficiency, were talking about too little of something. If you drink too little water, you run the risk of dehydration and toxic build up in the body as well as constipation and back pain.

Eat too little fruits and vegetables, and your body doesn’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy, fight off stress, and lower your risk of experiencing back pain.

As with “too much,” we can have “too little of just about anything in any area of our lives. If we consider the physical body the first deficiency that comes to mind is too little exercise. In America, we’re suffering from an obesity epidemic. I talked about too much of the same kind exercise a moment ago, but for many people, the problem is used to and performing far fewer manual tasks, which is creating all kinds of aches and pains, to say nothing of the increase in such weight-related disorders as diabetes and heart disease.

If we consider our emotional lives, we can see how too little quiet time is a problem for many of us. Bombarded by stimulation from all corners of our existencetelevisions, cell phones, traffic noises, loud voices, stereos, text messages, e-mails, and more. Rarely do we take the time to go to a quiet place and reflect. This constant stimulation leaves us anxious and unable to relax, causing too little oxygen to reachmuscles and creating blood circulation that’s too slow.

These deficiencies create an imbalance in the mind, body, and diet—again, setting us up to suffer because of some upcoming disorder or pain condition.

Stagnation: Something Is Moving Too Slow

Stagnation can be caused by too much or too little something in your life—or by both. Simply put, it’s the: slowdown of blood flow and body energy.

In a healthy body, the blood flows freely throughout the veins and arteries, supplying all organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients they need while carrying waste awa/’ However, if that blood flow is restricted somehow, say, in a trigger point within one of your back muscles, it slows down and clogs up the system.

Imagine one side of a two-lane highway. As long as those two lanes stay open, traffic flows freely (usually!). However, during times of construction, one lane often is closed, which narrows the passageway and forces all the cars into remaining lane. The flow slows down.

There are many causes of stagnation. Too much anxiety, tension, and fear all restrict blood vessels, as evidenced by the feeling of “cold hands.” Too much sitting for long periods of time, whether at the computer or on an airplane, restricts the blood flow in your legs, and can even result in a clot. Too much “bad fat” in the diet can slow down blood flow and leave you fatigued. Too much strain on a muscle can cause a Tnuscle spasm, whichrestrict blood flow. Too little activity, too little stress relief, too little water, and too little stretching to elongate the muscle fibers all can lead to low energy and poor circulation. And poor circulation can lead to muscle soreness, toxin buildup, and back pain.

back Pain Cairns

A Dangerous Cycle

It’s easy to understand how these three pomts-too much, too little, and too slow-can all interact and feed each other. You can see how too much of one thing often prompts too little of something else—with the entire chain of too much and too little resulting in energy and blood flow that is too slow, creating back pain.

Suddenly it becomes clear why the more common approaches to treating back pain—those that focus strictly on pain-don t address the underlying conditions. A dangerous and self-reinforcing cycle.

I recommend you also watch the videos I’ve created covering this topic. You can find the three-part video series at:

How to Get Out of the Pain Cycle

To understand how to get out of this cycle, let’s look in more detail at the three key areas of your life that are impacted by the “too much/too little/too slow” causes of back pain. These are body, mind, and diet.

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back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

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