Cheap Massage Cairns

Cheap Massage Cairns

Cheap Massage Cairns

Cheap Massage Cairns

Cheap Massage Cairns – Cairns Massage

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Types of Massage

Most massages use the techniques of swedish massage.  The essential difference between the various types of massage is one of emphasis.

In the 19th century, emphasis was placed on the physical benefits of massage, where the techniques employed were often rather vigorous.  Victorian massage manuals certainly did not mention that massage could be pleasurable – this would have been viewed with disapproval, and not seen as fashionable or acceptable in the slightest. non sexual massage cairns

Today there is much greater emphasis on the agreeable aspects of massage and its power of relaxation.

These newer forms of massage are often describe as intuitive or holistic.

With Intuitive massage the emphasis is on getting in touch with the tensions and emotions of the person being massaged.

Holistic massage places the therapy within a holistic framework and aims to have a psychological and spiritual effect as well as a physical one.

Gerda Boysesen, a Norwegian psychologist, physiotherapist and Reichian analyst, developed another type of therapeutic massage called biodynamic massage.  The idea here is that the body can resolve emotional traumas and shocks if it is helped through massage to get rid of what Boyesessan called ‘patterns of chronic tension an psychological blocks.’

Cheap Massage Cairns – Research into massage

While most people who have experienced a massage talk about how relaxing and beneficial it can be, there has not been that much research done.

Every day thousands of people receive a massage, but in most cases only the receiver knows how effective it was, and not always immediately.

We do know that touch generally is beneficial and there is research that shows massage can affect blood and lymph flow, reduce muscle tension and increase musculo-skeletal flexibility.  There is also research that indicates massage can reduce anxiety.

Cheap Massage cairns