Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns – Tanya Galvin – Birthing from Within.

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Coping with Pain during labour

“ I felt the pain travel through me and make way for the baby coming down….. I knew the pain was natural so I knew it was helping me…like a friend. I can honestly say there was no fear.” Gabriella after her second labour.

In our society we have not accepted pain as either a teacher or a friend, to learn from and grow with. Instead we are encouraged to take aspirin, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers – to flee from any possible hurt or discomfort. Although some pain control is helpful, there is also much lost when the coping style is one of automatic avoidance.

The pattern of coping by avoiding may be at the root of many addictions. These patterns of denial and avoidance have received much attention in the media. It is now acknowledged that our society has lost its pain coping skills. We have forgotten how to help each other tolerate pain that is natural, useful and sometimes unavoidable.

“I needed the pain to push…I needed to feel the urge to push…and the pain helped me push my baby out…the pain was so useful!” Sarah…first birth.   Childbirth Classes Cairns

During your final month of pregnancy you may view a variety or videos and films on childbirth. Using your resources, locate a video that represents realistic accounts of labour. It should document the mother’s experience of pain and how she coped during contractions. You should be able to see and hear her pain, so that you can face your own emotional reaction prior to your childbirth.

The film you choose should also depict a completely normal delivery so that you can connect the normal pain of labour with birth.

Ask yourself while watching the video (and you may want to watch it more than once):

Do you expect there will be pain during labour?

Were you afraid during the viewing? What caused your fear?

How did you see the woman on the film manage the pain during contractions?

How do you think you will cope with pain during labour?

What might you need from your partner or from others?

What can you expect from your partner during labour?

How did you feel when the woman shown in the film was finally holding her baby in her arms?

Practice exercise for you and your birth partner –

Do an exercise if you feel like it……have your birth partner pinch the underside of your knee for thirty seconds to simulate a contraction….when you reach the maximum pinch hold for 10 seconds…then gradual fading of the pinch over 20 seconds.

How did you cope with the pain?

Did you hold your breath?

Did you breathe harder, listening to your breath and your partners voice? (auditory coping strategy)

Did you speak to yourself internally? (auditory coping strategy)

Did you use movement of any kind, such as hitting your hand on the couch? (kinesthetic)

Did you tighten your hands into a fist? (kinesthetic)

Did you want a hot or cold compress? (kinesthetic)

Did you use images to help you? Perhaps nature scenes? (visual)

Or sound, such as rushing water? (auditory) or face of those you love? (visual)

If necessary do the exercise again, paying particular attention to your responses.

Childbirth Classes Cairns

If you would like to know how to use coping strategies for each of the above responses…please contact Tanya on 0408 054 538….to have a two hour birthing class on these. Childbirth Classes Cairns

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