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Cupping Therapy in Cairns.  Cairns Massage treats a broad range of conditions and has a very varied number of massage styles and techniques.  We have very experienced and adept massage therapists.

Cupping (Jiaofa) is a technique that was also once practised in the west.  It involves burning a match inside a small glass sphere to remove some of the oxygen  and then placing the cup, open side down directly onto the skin, which creates a partial vacuum wihtin the cup.  This causes the cup to stick and superficial tissues upwards into the cup.  The aim is to encourage the flow of energy and blood to the area treated and clear any muscle knots.

Cupping is usually prescribed for tight muscles and trapped nerves.  It also releases muscle knots and helps to correct posture, especially rounded shoulders.

The cup may be removed quickly or left in place for ten minutes; the skin underneath becomes reddened due to the congestion of blood flow from the tight muscles.  Cupping can and more often than not causes bruises.  Several cups are often used simultaneously.

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Cupping Cairns

Vitamins & Minerals for Pain Relief and Relaxed Muscles

Adequate intake of vitamin C and B vitamins are important for resolving muscle knots and headaches.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C reduces post-exercise soreness and strengthens capillaries: when these tiny blood vessels are fragile, you’ll bruise easily.  Vitamin C is essential for the fomation of collagen and bones and muscular repair and rejuvenation. Initial symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include weakness, lethargy, irritability, vague aching pains in the joints and muscles, easy bruising, and possibly weight loss.  Vitamin C is likely to be deficient in smokers, alcoholics, older people and fad dieters.  Take 400mg-500mg daily.


It is important to drink enough water, as dehydration can cause headaches.  Dehydration is especially common among people who take diuretic medications or drink a lot of coffee or other beverages with diuretic qualities.  Drink at least eight glasses of water per day and drink 2 litres of water per day if you do have a high intake of these diuretic type beverages and have a diet high is salt.

Cupping in Cairns

Cupping in cairns


Calcium, Magnesium, potassium, and iron are needed for proper muscles function.  Iron is required for transporting oxygen to the muscle fibers.  Calcium is essential for releasing acetylcholine at the nerve terminals, and both calcium and magnesium are needed in order for muscle fibers to contract.  Potassium is needed to get muscle fibers quickly ready for their next contraction, and a deficiency may cause muscle soreness during exercise or other physical activity.  Deficiency of any of these minerals increases the irritability of muscle knots.  Calcium, magnesium, and potassium should be taken together, because an

increase in one can deplete the others.  Salt is another importatnt mineral.  Don’t entirely from your diet, especially if you sweat.  Inadequate levels of sodium, calcium, magnesium, or potassium can lead to leg cramping.

Improper Diet

Eating foods that aggravate trigger points/muscle knots is a common and significant perpetuating factor for most types of headaches and muscle pain.  Depending on your constitution, health conditions, and any food allergies, avoiding certain foods can help enourmously in relieving your pain.

Plan on avoiding the foods and substances indicated below for a least two months, in conjunction with receiving acupuncture treatments, massage and/or taking herbs and other supplements, in order to determine whether eliminating the specific item is helpful.  Many people will stop consuming a food and start consuming those substances again.  Or the foods, beverages, or other substances may be so important to them that they’d rather have pain and other medical conditions than give the substances up – but you need to.

Food and Drinks to Avoid to Stop your Pain


Caffeine is frequently used in the treatment of headaches.  However, this can lead to rebound headaches, meaning it may help at the time, but it will perpetuate the underlying cause and lead to additional headaches.

Caffeine causes a persistant contracture of muscle fibers (sometimes referred to as ‘caffeine rigor’)  and increases muscle tension and trigger point/muscle knot irritability, leading to an increase in pain.

Alcohol, Caffeine and other types of ‘Smokes’.

These substances are big triggers for headaches and aggravate muscle knots and trigger points easily.

Improving your nutrition, changing your diet, and avoiding detrimental foods, beverages, and inhaled substances will likely take some time, but you can start by taking a multivitamin and mutimineral supplement and drinking enough water.  As you identify foods you need to avoid, start replacing them with foods high in the good vitamins and minerals.  Be sure you are getting enough protein.  Try to eat smaller meals more often so that you avoid low blood sugar levels which tends to trigger tighter muscles.

Cupping therapy Cairns

Cupping therapy cairns

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