Lipoedema Massage Cairns and MLD massage.

Lipoedema Massage Cairns and MLD massage. Manual Lymph Drainage Cairns helps Lipoedema. Lipoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks.

Here at Cairns Massage we are specially trained to perform massage to help with Lipoedema at all stages of the progression and severity.

MLD massage Cairns – In lipoedema, the legs become enlarged from the ankles up to the hips. Both legs are usually enlarged at the same time and to the same extent.

Manual Lymph Drainage Cairns – The feet are not affected and this creates a ‘bracelet’ effect or ‘band-like’ appearance just above the ankles.

The hands are not usually affected either, although the arms occasionally can be.

The degree of enlargement caused by lipoedema differs between individuals with the condition and it can gradually worsen over time.

Lipoedema Massage Cairns is Lymphatic drainage massage. It requires the movement of lymph back to the truck and in the direction of the heart. So downwards motions are used from the shoulders down to the direction of the heart. Then from the thighs upwards to the heart. We always finish the massage in the distal parts of the body….so the hands and feet.

Manual Lymph Drainage Cairns – Properly fitted compression stockings are recommended. Also please join the lippy sisters facebook page for more advice. Also look at you tube for instructions on how to perform body brushing on yourself as homework! There is also specific surgery you can have and there is a doctor in brisbane who performs this.

Please book your MLD treatment today at and put MLD in the notes! Alternatively send a text to Tanya Galvin – MLD massage Cairns.

0408 054 538.

You may also want to try a few acupuncture treatments to help this condition as well. Please jump onto to learn more about acupuncture. If you would like to know more about how acupuncture can help lipoedema specifically. Send a text to 0408 054 538.

Lipoedema Cairns
Lipoedema Cairns

MLD massage Cairns is indicated for all swelling that may occur due to hereditary or injury related problems.