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Emmett Cairns

Emmett Cairns

emmett cairns

emmett cairns

Massage is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health and something we all do naturally.

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It is a healing instinct, innate in all of us to rub an aching shoulder or stroke a sore leg or hold a 0 furrowed brow.  emmett cairns

Headaches, aches and pains, insomnia, tension and stress can all be alleviated, with one simple instrument – our hands. The basis of massage is touch, and there is increasing medical evidence to show the great value of touch. In a research project at Harvard Medical School a number of patients all about to undergo similar operations were divided into two groups. The anaesthetist visited all the patients the night before the operation. To one group he gave the usual information about the procedure for the following day. The other group he gave similar information, but spent about five minutes longer with each patient; he sat on their beds, held their hands and was generally warm and sympathetic. emmett cairns

After the operation, patients who had received the friendly approach asked for only about half the quantity of drugs that the others requested, and on average were discharged from hospital three days earlier. This suggests the powerful effect that are sympathy can have on general health. emmett cairns

Touch is so natural to us that without it people can become depressed and irritable. Observations show that children brought up in families where the parents and children touch each other are healthier and more able to withstand pain and infection. emmett cairns

They appear better, are more sociable and generally happier. But our need for touch does not stop at childhood, we all need it to give us a feeling of love. Marriage Guidance Council advises couples to touch each other more. It goes as far as to say that the rising rate of divorce could be put down to lack of touch… perhaps just a few minutes spent massaging each other could prevent divorce! emmett cairns


Despite all this evidence to show the benefits of touch, we are still hesitant about touching each other. I think this is due to a confusion between sensuality and sexuality. Because we are so afraid of the connection between sex and touch, we have formalized touch. There are only a few occasions when adults are allowed to touch each other freely- Massage removes the taboos of touching and allows people to touch in a positive way. emmett cairns


Not feeling free to touch each other, we turn to our children or our pets. It is natural for mothers – to cuddle and rock their babies.

Other adults are also permitted to cuddle and kiss babies and small children, as something which not only comforts the child, but pleases the adult as well. Cuddle our cats, hug our horses and pat our dogs. In cultures where touching is more accepted, people touch each other tar more but, unlike us, do not spend hours petting their animals. That we want to touch is evident from the fact that we need do not touch signs in our art galleries. We have an instinct to touch and Our sense to touch is perhaps our most basic sensation. The foetus’s first impressions in the womb are to touch, and maybe that is why touch spells security and comfort. emmett cairns


We need to be encouraged to touch each other more, and massage is the perfect way of doing this in a non-aggressive, non-sexual way. Even the most simple form of massage can have a tremendously comforting effect. Recover more quickly and need fewer drugs after having their hand held for just five minutes, think how effective massage would be regularly to your health and wellbeing. With massage you show that you care about someone, you convey a sense of sharing and intuitive under standing, reassurance and pleasure. emmett cairns


Massage has profound effects on the health of the person being massaged. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up the eliminate waste products. These direct benefits, feeling cared for and cosseted, quickly produce a marvellous feeling of well-being that cannot be matched by modern drugs. emmett cairns

The benefits of massage are felt not only by the person being massaged: the masseur benefits just because of the relaxing mindset of the massage and the feeling it also brings up in the massage therapist. Clinical observations back this up: it has been discovered that when stroking a pet we soothe ourselves too, pressure goes down. Scientists maintain that giving a massage produces the same effect stroking a person has the same relaxing quality for both the giver and receiver. emmett cairns


To me, giving a massage is like active meditation. In order to give a good massage, You should be calm and completely absorbed in what you are doing. Concentrating on the rhythm of your massage, you will soon relax totally relaxation will be transmitted to the person you 1 massaging, when you massage in this state, you that you not only ive a better I but that when you finish You are full Even if  you start giving a massage feeling irritated, anxious or upset, you will find that it is virtually impossible v to remain in a bad mood while doing the soothing Hypnotic massage strokes. emmett cairns


Massage probably goes as far back in history as early as the existence of man. It is something that we all do – apes grooming each other, animals licking their wounds and men rubbing a joint are all using massage. And h has been used throughout history by all cultures. It was called anatripsis by the Greek physician, friction, manipulation, rubbing or shampooing by other -writers. Our use of the word massage is relatively new, and probably derives from the Arabic word. Tasan , which means to stroke with the hand. emmett cairns

In ancient Greek literature there are numerous references to massage. It was instead of exercise during convalescence, after bathing or as a medical treatment for such varied conditions as melancholia, digestive problems and even sterility.

The Roman emperors physician, Galen (131-210 AD), wrote least 16 books relating to massage and exercise, and many of his ideas are still relevant today. He classified massage into firm, gentle and moderate that the strokes and circuits of the hands should be made of many sorts, in order that as far as possible all the muscle fibres should be rubbed in every direction. He prescribes massage to the Gladiators before and after the sessions. They were anointed with oil and nibbed until Julius Caesar was massaged daily to relieve neuralgia the Roman writer was so indebted to his foreign masseur that he requested the emperor to grant him the highest Roman citizenship. emmett cairns

Massage has always greatly valued India, and practically everyone you meet there knows how to massage. Mothers massage their babies, and later these children are tan to do the same for their parents. Massage is incorporated in Ayurvedic treatments an Indian system of medicine dating back to 1800 BC with herbs, spices and aromatic oils being rubbed into herbs, spices emmett cairns

Other cultures, too, In Sir George, record of his travels, he writes of the Sandwich Islanders: “He or she fares sumptuously every and takes little no exercise, while the constant habit of being shampooed (massaged) after every meal, oftener if desirable or expedient, circulation or digestion without super inducing Captain Cook recorded how, in 1779, his painful sciatica was cured when twelve women from Tahiti massaged Th him from head to foot. emmett cairns

In the 18th and 19th centuries, massage grew in popularity in Europe, under the influence of a Swede, per Henrik Ling (X77^”l83p)9 whose r system of Swedish massage spread throughout Europe. He laid great emphasis medical and massage, and classified his treatments as passive or gymnastic movements, friction, vibration, percussion or rotation. Work was rewarded by the Crown, an institute and in 183S a Swedish Institute was opened in London. The century? Such institutes could, be found in trance and America. Has lasted, and massage is still frequently referred to as Swedish massage. emmett cairns

At the end of the 19th century massage was a popular medical treatment, and was frequently used by eminent surgeons,cardiologists and ii physicians, who either performed the massage to do it for them. But houses of ill fame also used the word activities. emmett cairns

During the First World war, massage was used extensively in the treatment of nerve injury and the use of electrical ( apparatus became increasingly fashionable and, in the UK, hand massage was relegated to a back in the UK nana massage was relegated to a back was believed that equally r good results could be obtained with modern drugs or machinery? But experience has shown that drugs have side-effects and nothing can replace the human hand. emmett cairns

Today once again, the therapeutic value massage is being recognized. It is regaining its rightful place in health care, as a complement to other medical treatments, and as a means helping us all to maintain positive health. emmett cairns

health fund massage cairns

Back Pain Cairns

Back Pain Cairns

The Three Hidden Causes of All Back Pain

Let me introduce to you to the three hidden causes of all back pain (really all health conditions, for that matter)’ begin with terms that are slightly technical, and then expl what they mean in plain EngUsh. Once you understand these key concepts, you’ll probably never look at your own back pain the same way again.

Back pain is ultimately caused by one (or more) of the following three issues:

Excess (“too much”)

deficiency (“too little”)

Stagnation (“too slow”)

All these terms revolve around the idea that to live pain free? You need to maintain a delicate balance in your body? Mind, and diet. It’s important to avoid too much (i.e., excess) of anything that causes you pain or too little (i.e., deficiency) of something in order to prevent pain from occurring.

Jjor example, if you do too much weightlifting, causing your muscles to get shorter and less flexible, and you do too little stretching to lengthen and increase the flexibility of your muscles, you create a condition that is ripe for back

Similarly, if you have too much negative emotional stress and too little downtime to process and deal with that stress, you’ll be creating conditions in your body that are ripe for pain while limiting your ability to heal.

Let’s look at each of these three concepts in more detail.

Back Pain Cairns

Excess: Too Much of Something

When we talk about excess, we’re talking about too much of something. If you drink too much soda, coffee, caffeinated drinks, you’ll have too much caffeine in your system (as well as other junk). Since caffeine is a diuretic that causes you to urinate a lot? You’ll have too little water left in your body. The discs in the spine need water to stay healthy and function optimally- Too little water and they degenerate, making you vulnerable to nerve compression and pa

If you eat too much of the wrong kinds of fats—such as Hydrogenared (partially or fully) vegetable oils; fried foods; and foods such as chips, crackers, and the like-you 11 likely carry too much fat on your body, potentially straining your muscles and putting extra pressure on your back. In addition, the body requires a delicate balance of different kinds fats to avoid inflammation, too much of these tip the scales in favor of inflammation and pain. (I’ll explain more about diet and inflammation in a later chapter.)

can have too much of just about anything in any area of our lives. I’ve touched on diet, but what about the physical body? Too much running, cycling, or weightlifting-without cross-training with other types of exercise, activities-can lead to uneven muscle strength and flexibility.

Much sitting at the computer can lead to shortened muscles in the backs of the legs, which creates back pain. Too much stretching, without strength training, can lead to weak and flabby muscles that no longer support the body properly.

We can expand this concept to our mental lives. Too much stress can weaken the body s defenses and lead to sickness. Too much anxiety can lead to tension headaches and irritable bowels-even panic attacks. Too much self-j udgment can lead to depression and low self-esteem, which decreases blood flow in the body and robs the tissues of adequate oxygen supply.

All these excesses throw the body and mind out of balance, tipping the scales toward back pain-not to mention other kinds of pain and/or disease.

Back Pain Cairns

Deficiency: Too Little of Something

When we talk about deficiency, were talking about too little of something. If you drink too little water, you run the risk of dehydration and toxic build up in the body as well as constipation and back pain.

Eat too little fruits and vegetables, and your body doesn’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy, fight off stress, and lower your risk of experiencing back pain.

As with “too much,” we can have “too little of just about anything in any area of our lives. If we consider the physical body the first deficiency that comes to mind is too little exercise. In America, we’re suffering from an obesity epidemic. I talked about too much of the same kind exercise a moment ago, but for many people, the problem is used to and performing far fewer manual tasks, which is creating all kinds of aches and pains, to say nothing of the increase in such weight-related disorders as diabetes and heart disease.

If we consider our emotional lives, we can see how too little quiet time is a problem for many of us. Bombarded by stimulation from all corners of our existencetelevisions, cell phones, traffic noises, loud voices, stereos, text messages, e-mails, and more. Rarely do we take the time to go to a quiet place and reflect. This constant stimulation leaves us anxious and unable to relax, causing too little oxygen to reachmuscles and creating blood circulation that’s too slow.

These deficiencies create an imbalance in the mind, body, and diet—again, setting us up to suffer because of some upcoming disorder or pain condition.

Stagnation: Something Is Moving Too Slow

Stagnation can be caused by too much or too little something in your life—or by both. Simply put, it’s the: slowdown of blood flow and body energy.

In a healthy body, the blood flows freely throughout the veins and arteries, supplying all organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients they need while carrying waste awa/’ However, if that blood flow is restricted somehow, say, in a trigger point within one of your back muscles, it slows down and clogs up the system.

Imagine one side of a two-lane highway. As long as those two lanes stay open, traffic flows freely (usually!). However, during times of construction, one lane often is closed, which narrows the passageway and forces all the cars into remaining lane. The flow slows down.

There are many causes of stagnation. Too much anxiety, tension, and fear all restrict blood vessels, as evidenced by the feeling of “cold hands.” Too much sitting for long periods of time, whether at the computer or on an airplane, restricts the blood flow in your legs, and can even result in a clot. Too much “bad fat” in the diet can slow down blood flow and leave you fatigued. Too much strain on a muscle can cause a Tnuscle spasm, whichrestrict blood flow. Too little activity, too little stress relief, too little water, and too little stretching to elongate the muscle fibers all can lead to low energy and poor circulation. And poor circulation can lead to muscle soreness, toxin buildup, and back pain.

back Pain Cairns

A Dangerous Cycle

It’s easy to understand how these three pomts-too much, too little, and too slow-can all interact and feed each other. You can see how too much of one thing often prompts too little of something else—with the entire chain of too much and too little resulting in energy and blood flow that is too slow, creating back pain.

Suddenly it becomes clear why the more common approaches to treating back pain—those that focus strictly on pain-don t address the underlying conditions. A dangerous and self-reinforcing cycle.

I recommend you also watch the videos I’ve created covering this topic. You can find the three-part video series at:

How to Get Out of the Pain Cycle

To understand how to get out of this cycle, let’s look in more detail at the three key areas of your life that are impacted by the “too much/too little/too slow” causes of back pain. These are body, mind, and diet.

Please phone Cairns Massage and/or Cairns Acupuncture to have your back fixed today.  0408 054 538 or email

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns please Phone Tanya Galvin on 0408 054 538.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns

Lymphatic drainage massage can be used from primary or secondary Lymphoedema.  Tanya Galvin has trained at the Melbourne Lymphatic drainage school.  We employ techniques specific to draining lymph and may often require you to use the bathroom once of twice during the treatment as the lymph is moved.  There will often be stomach gurgling during the treatment as the lymph moves back to the cisterna chyli (main lymph drainage area).  We may encourage you to wear compression stockings and also give you homework (not difficult) to follow up the treatments.

Swollen lower legs

Recently I had a client come to me….she had brownish discoloration in and around her lower leg.  This is protein accumulation in the lymphatic system.  In time….it can progress to leg ulcers.

This lymphatic system is an amazing system for our body….it is one of my favorites.  It is one of the sewerage systems of our body… follows the circulatory system.

Not many people know what to do when this breaks down… hear about it when your body tries to remove cancer.  Your lymphatic system takes onboard the toxic cancer cells from the circulatory system and make the bodys organs more protected from the cancer cells…therefore protecting the precious organs from the toxic cancer cells.

Ways to help your lymphatic system:

If you have swollen lower legs….body brushing is essential…..body brushing helps your lymphatic system cope….some people have sluggish lymphatic system…..the lymphatic vessels don’t have valves like your arteries….so the lymphatic system struggles against gravity to push the lymph fluid back to the trunk for getting it out of the body.

Body brushing:

Start from the extremities and work towards the heart

Always go from the back of the body to the front of the body (as there are no lymph vessels on the back of the body….only the front).

The traffic lights or gateways are called lymph nodes and they are found in the creases of your body….so around your ankles, elbow creases, your armpit, you groin etc.

This is the areas where you should direct your lymph to if you are swelling up like a puffer fish due to excess lymph.

Dr Sandra Cabot has an amazing book called the body shaping diet….in this she talks about a lymphatic body type….there is a diet plan to decrease your fluid, reduce the risk of leg ulcers and this brown discolouration (protein accumulation – by the way this protein accumulation is due to the lymph vessels being too little to take it back up to proper circulation).

Dr Sandra Cabot also talks about the merits of juicing celery to help with excessive fluid in the lower legs….and also your lymphatic system.

Elemis is a company I worked for for a lot of years….they have some interesting things on the site to help with lymphatic problems……like body brushes….cellutox herbal bath synergies…..check it out.

There is also really great people doing manual lymph drainage massage…..I did this course with Ingrid in Melbourne at the manual lymph drainage training school.  This is a great style of massage and also advocates special bandaging and compression bandaging for more severe cases.  There is a really great set of schools for this and also hospitals for this in Germany.

This is interesting to note as well…..people can loose quite a lot of weight after they do lymphatic drainage massage sessions….as they may be retaining excessive fluid…..sandra cabots diet is also good along with some massage sessions, and body brushing regularly.  Walking and gentle exercise daily will also help…..but not extreme high impact exercise….as this can damage the already underfunctioning lymph system even more….so gently does it please!

Well I hope this helps if you have  lymphatic problems….all of which I have seen amazing clinical results from.

Hugs and Love from Tanya at Cairns Massage and!

The highest Quality Massage Experiences in Cairns……… Cairns Massage has a very broad range of treatments to meet your individual healing needs …….. Do you want to relax….or to relieve your muscle tension…..or would you like to stop that pain…..looking for a deep/firm massage….or what about a pampering session while pregnant ……….We also offer some very exclusive and different pampering sessions…….. there are helicopter & massage journeys involving flying to a small remote tropical island for a luxurious massage….or…..Can you imagine flying to the top of a remote waterfall…..and then having a blissful massage here…..on top of the world….in nature!…….. or what about trying our Day Packages that include – food and spa indulgences…………. Don’t forget our amazing massage in nature which involves massage on the beach or another secluded location……….Of course we can also bring our massage tables to your resort room….and in the comfort of your own space……while your partner cares for the kids…..we can come and pamper you…..or have a girls day in….while the boys are fishing/golfing….pamper yourselves…..or have a side by side couples massage with your significant other…… in your room…….romantic and relaxing……. right in the comfort of your own space……. The practitioners who will pamper you are highly experienced with at least 5-12 years experience in the profession………. Many of our therapists have received the highest accolades in their profession……………… Most are members of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society!…….I think you deserve the restoration and healing…….don’t you?
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Lymphatic Massage Cairns

Lymphatic Massage Cairns

lymphatic massage cairns

mobile massage cairns

Cairns Massage provides comprehensive health and wellness care in an environment that integrates conventional and holistic methods with a definitive sensorial experience.

With more than fifty health and beauty therapies that nurture your skin, body and well-being, Cairns Massage provides the ultimate experience in day and destination spas.

While enjoying the fascilities available in your hotel, clients undergo a systematic analysis to customize their therapies.  Each treatment is individually tailored according to the results of a self-assessment questionnaire.  This important tool has been developed to reveal the primary stress, be it nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic or physical and tailor a therapy to target that particular profile.

We have so many treatments to assist you – Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Remedial, Reflexology, Pre & Post Natal Massage, Outside Pavillion Massage, Helicopter and Reef Massage, Helicopter and Rainforest Waterfall Massage!

We have an amazing set of facial therapy choices like –

Our Specialty Facial – An intensive fevival for devitalised skin.  Your skin is enveloped in our specialty infusion masks and massaged with an active skincare concentrate – in addition to the signature services of the spa facial.  This highly rejuvenating process acts on each layer of the skin to rebuild, strengthen and reveal greater firmness and tone.

We have body Therapies such as

Cairns Massage Hot rock massage which allows you

to melt away stress as hot and cold basalt stones are strategically placed onto acupressure points on the body to relieve knots, tension and stress.

Specialty body therapies

Divine body Decadence.  Your body will be enveloped i collagen and thermal clay masks and massaged from head to toe with our specialty skincare concentrate.

Body Wrap

Our array of distinctive body wraps bring the natural healing porperties of  itamins, amino acids, minerals and chlorophylll to firm, detoxify, and replenish your skin.

Cairns Massage provides comprehensive health and wellness care in an environment that integrates conventional and holistic methods with a definitive sensorial experience.  We look forward to taking care of you today….please phone 0408 054 538 or email us

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