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Maternity Cairns

maternity cairns

maternity cairns

Maternity Cairns.  Cairns Acupuncture and Massage is now offering birthing from within….an alternative style of Birth classes focused on 12 different pain coping strategies along with psychological coping strategies.  We teach classes on sundays and over one and a half sundays.

Here are some information for you on the stages of labour.

Effacement to about four centimeters dilation

The thinning and early dilation of the cervix may take from five hours to twenty four hours or more.  Some of the thinning happens without your awareness, during what is sometimes referred to as the latent phase of labour.

Signs of labour starting include a bloddy show, regular contractions, or breaking of waters.  Slow breathing may help you stay calm and centered.  Choose some little relaxing activities to do now.  Eat if your are hungry, you will need the energy.  Drink fluids and be sure to empty your bladder every 30 minutes so that you don’t have a full bladder.

Four to eight centimeters

Contractions are storng and closer together, lasting longer, these are effective in opening the cervix, which is by now fully effaced.  Walking and other activities usually is no longer comfortable, paticularly if this is your first baby.  Slow, deep breathing may be used in combination with vocalization or other coping techniques (which you learn in your birthing from within childbirth classes – call Tanya on 0408 054 538).

Your partner may do well to remind you to let go of tension between contractions.  Visualize the cervix opening wider and wider, as the baby’s head comes through.

Eight to ten centimeters

No significant change delineates this part of active labour, other than increased intensity.  The same coping techniques you have been using continue to be useful.  Continued heavy labour, contractions may become longer and be somewhat irregular.  These are some of the longest and most intense contractions you will experience.  These sensation of impending bowel movement is normal a the head begins coming through your cervix toward the vaginal canal.  Backache, nausea, irritability and sweating profusely are reported by some women.  Others, however, expereience only a steady augmentation of intensity.  you will be completely immersed in the activity of labour by now and would probably do well to concerntrate on the tremendous power coming through you.  Visualize your bagina as stretching open and the contractions traveling thorough your to open the way for your baby.  Remember to continue breathing.

Bloody show may occur, if it didn’t earlier, as well as breaking of the waters.  Deep breathing in combination with panting to avoid early pushing may be useful now.

The baby travels through the birth canal.

The feeling of bearing down or pushing involuntarily along with spontaneous vocalization or grunting during contractions are common now.  The baby’s head will be seen from the outside but will slip back at the end of a contraction until crowning.  Your vagina will be massaging your baby at this point, getting it stimulated for breathing!

A burning sensation may be felt around the outside of your vaginal opening with each of these contractions as the baby moves outward and then retreats.  Panting can be a very useful technique to prevent pushing.

Please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538

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Maternity cairns


Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns

Childbirth Classes Cairns – Tanya Galvin – Birthing from Within.

Please phone 0408 054 538.

Coping with Pain during labour

“ I felt the pain travel through me and make way for the baby coming down….. I knew the pain was natural so I knew it was helping me…like a friend. I can honestly say there was no fear.” Gabriella after her second labour.

In our society we have not accepted pain as either a teacher or a friend, to learn from and grow with. Instead we are encouraged to take aspirin, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers – to flee from any possible hurt or discomfort. Although some pain control is helpful, there is also much lost when the coping style is one of automatic avoidance.

The pattern of coping by avoiding may be at the root of many addictions. These patterns of denial and avoidance have received much attention in the media. It is now acknowledged that our society has lost its pain coping skills. We have forgotten how to help each other tolerate pain that is natural, useful and sometimes unavoidable.

“I needed the pain to push…I needed to feel the urge to push…and the pain helped me push my baby out…the pain was so useful!” Sarah…first birth.   Childbirth Classes Cairns

During your final month of pregnancy you may view a variety or videos and films on childbirth. Using your resources, locate a video that represents realistic accounts of labour. It should document the mother’s experience of pain and how she coped during contractions. You should be able to see and hear her pain, so that you can face your own emotional reaction prior to your childbirth.

The film you choose should also depict a completely normal delivery so that you can connect the normal pain of labour with birth.

Ask yourself while watching the video (and you may want to watch it more than once):

Do you expect there will be pain during labour?

Were you afraid during the viewing? What caused your fear?

How did you see the woman on the film manage the pain during contractions?

How do you think you will cope with pain during labour?

What might you need from your partner or from others?

What can you expect from your partner during labour?

How did you feel when the woman shown in the film was finally holding her baby in her arms?

Practice exercise for you and your birth partner –

Do an exercise if you feel like it……have your birth partner pinch the underside of your knee for thirty seconds to simulate a contraction….when you reach the maximum pinch hold for 10 seconds…then gradual fading of the pinch over 20 seconds.

How did you cope with the pain?

Did you hold your breath?

Did you breathe harder, listening to your breath and your partners voice? (auditory coping strategy)

Did you speak to yourself internally? (auditory coping strategy)

Did you use movement of any kind, such as hitting your hand on the couch? (kinesthetic)

Did you tighten your hands into a fist? (kinesthetic)

Did you want a hot or cold compress? (kinesthetic)

Did you use images to help you? Perhaps nature scenes? (visual)

Or sound, such as rushing water? (auditory) or face of those you love? (visual)

If necessary do the exercise again, paying particular attention to your responses.

Childbirth Classes Cairns

If you would like to know how to use coping strategies for each of the above responses…please contact Tanya on 0408 054 538….to have a two hour birthing class on these. Childbirth Classes Cairns

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Antenatal Classes Cairns – Now teaching Birthing From Within

Antenatal classes cairns

Antenatal classes cairns

Antenatal Classes Cairns

Birthing from Within by Tanya Galvin 0408 054 538

These birth classes are unique.  We really focus not on one outcome but getting you through birth without bias and we do not advocate for one style or procedure of birth.  We take you through a large range of activities and demonstrations that enable you to feel very empowered and strong going into your birth.

Antenatal Classes Cairns

We help you and your partner to work together as a team with the understanding that Birth is Hard Work and will be painful.  With this in mind we set you up with lots of pain coping strategies and techniques for birth.

You will learn good positions for birthing your baby, pain coping strategies, mindset strategies so when you want to ‘loose it’ in labour you can draw on these to help you stay on the path!

We offer ways to ask questions about medical technology and intervention so you can make informed and empowered decisions – and give clear consent.  This is so you can feel happier about how your birth went down.   This means less birth trauma.

Antenatal Classes Cairns

We teach you how birth as a c section can still be a birth

We teach you that birth is a labyrith and that it can go in any one direction so having fixed mindsets about one outcome or your ideal birth may set you up for disappointment and plunge you into trauma post birth because you feel like you didn’t birth the way you wanted to.

If you accept that birth can go in many directions and be prepared physically and mentally for any outcome and any decision making you or your birth partner make.

We teach you visualization techniques focused on the idea that you are opening your cervix during labour and the importance of perineal massage.

We teach you clever natural strategies for you and your birth partner to try to get contractions stronger and dilation happening.

We teach you about the importance of mother roasting….looking after the mother postpartum both physically and mentally and how it is important to focus on her just as much as the new baby.

We teach you how to baby proof your marriage….how having a baby is a big adjustment for your marriage.

Antenatal Classes Cairns

These are just a few concepts that we teach in Birthing from within birth classes.

Please call Tanya on 0408 054 538.

Antenatal Classes Cairns

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Detox Treatment Cairns

Detox treatment Cairns

detox treatments cairns

Detox Treatment Cairns

Body Wraps

There are several methods of body wrapping or inchloss treatments using bandages, linen, plastic, rubber or foil combined with the application of active natural products on the skin and heat to increase elimination of toxins from the body. Body wraps may also be used as a pampering treatment and an alternative to massage.

Choosing the right combination of active products and wrap system provides an effective treatment for clients wishing to relax, improve their body shape and the texture of their skin, or motivate them during a diet and exercise plan.

Natural Products

Therapists are responding to the increasing trend towards all things natural and holistic by using body care products based on natural ingredients using marine products such as plankton and seaweed, essential oils, mud, flower, plant and herbal infusions. The active ingredients come in different forms – paste, powders, oils and solutions • and all have specific effects on the tissues.

Marine Products

Active ingredients, for example trace elements and salts, are extracted from marine algae plants (more commonly known as seaweed) and used for their therapeutic value in body and skin care products. Intensity and access to light determine the colour of seaweed, and they tend not to grow below eight metres as they need the light to synthesise. The three types most commonly used are fucus, ascophyHum and laminaria.


Deep-water, brown seaweed works by activating the sweat glands so eliminating water containing toxins and increasing the body’s temperature. Actions are diuretic and internal cleansing. Therefore it will complement a slimming program by helping to detoxify the system, fucus comprises:

  • iodine – has a general cleansing effect on the a bloodstream, regulates metabolism, boosts energy and stimulates the thyroid gland.
  • • vitamins • have an antioxidant effect, counteracting free radical damage.
  • Amino acids – are essential for maintaining health in all body systems.
  • Potassium • reduces fluid retention and replaces trace minerals lost when detoxifying.
  • Magnesium – this helps to keep the circulatory system healthy and counteracts stress.
  • System healthy and counteracts stress metabolism regulation and increases oxygen transportation.


This is also brown and often associated with fucus. It is rich in amino acids and minerals, and it is balancing, helping to induce a sense of relaxation.


This is a deep-water, brown seaweed containing a high percentage of organic iodine, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It helps to regulate the thyroid gland and the metabolism, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Detoxifying wraps often consist of full-body skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system, full-body exfoliation to cleanse and refine the skin’s surface. The detox product is applied to the skin and the body wrapped up to allow the algae to penetrate the skin, while the therapist provides a relaxing scalp massage.

Blue seaweed is microscopic and unicellular. It Blue seaweed is microscopic and unicellular. Rehydrating. Spirulina is rich in proteins, vitamins, beta carotene and iron, and helps to stimulate cellular metabolism.

Red seaweed grows at the deepest level and is good for re-mineralising, exfoliating and softening the skin.

Detox Treatment Cairns

Essential Oils

These oils are incorporated into products for their specific effects, to:

  • improve the elimination of toxins
  • tone tissue
  • stimulate the circulation
  • relax
  • revitalise.


Marine and volcanic mud, healing clays and earth are rich in minerals and may be used for hydrating, re-mineralising, detoxifying and refining skin texture and body shape, xifying and refining skin texantidote to stress, fatigue and feeling run down. It is available in many countries as a special spa treatment, and mud such as that from Arizona contains copper, magnesium and zinc. Copper has been used for hundreds of years to ease painful joints and muscles, repair damaged skin and heal wounds. It is also used by the body for the healthy formation of to maintain healthy thyroid function, and protect the body against infection and function, and protect the body against infection and disease. Magnesium is recommended for strong bones, teeth and healthy muscle function. Zinc is required for repairing damaged tissue and bolstering the immune system.

Before applying the mud, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin as this will increase the circulation

and aid mineral absorption. The mud comes in in powder form and is self heating. When mixed with cool water it will begin to bubble: this paste is then applied to the client’s body before wrapping the client in loose layers of plastic sheeting, blankets to keep them warm and maximise absorp s’ tion of the minerals. This is left for 20-30 minutes, then showered off before massaging the skin with a hydrating cream.

Rassoul is a popular spa treatment using micro’ nised brown mud, which comes from the warm fertile valleys of Morocco. Moroccans have used Rassoul as a daily therapeutic source for skin cleansing and purification, dermatitis, skin sensitivities, smoothing rough or scaly skin* seborrhoeic skin, Rassoul contains the earth’s most natural and necessaiy health and beauty elements silicium, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium.

A popular spa therapy involves combining heat and steam with mud, which works on the skin to exfoliate and smooth as well as drawing out the impurities.

Mud Wrap and Floatation Therapy

Using a combination of flotation therapy and mud wrap provides a highly therapeutic treatment for mind and body.

Being in a flotation bed for 45 minutes gives the equivalent benefit of several hours of deep sleep. Add the mud body mask full of skin-nourishing natural minerals and the effect is amazing! While sitting on the flotation bed, the client will be smothered in warm beach mud collected from a specific location, then wrapped in eling-film, and finally the water-filled blanket will be enveloped around the client. The next stage is sinking into the massage bed (the base of the bed is mechanically The client should be left for around minutes in a candlelit room while floating, although the therapist should check regularly throughout the treatment. Total treatment time about 55 minutes.

The water-filled blanket creates a weightless womb-like place to float within the flotation bed. I Meanwhile the heat helps the active ingredients in the mud to be infused into the skin and aids in the elimination of toxins. Most people fall asleep during the treatment. At the end, Lying on a completelyflat surface may I initially feel strange after floating, so the therapist should ensure the client sits up slowly.

Immediately after the client has been unwrapped, climbed from the flotation bed and showered, the skin should feel incredibly smooth and soft and the body deeply relaxed.

Detox Treatment Cairns

Popular Mud Treatments

Three of the most popular healing mud or earth treatments are described below.

Dead Sea Mud

This contains magnesium which provides energy, bromine for relaxation and alleviation of stress, iodine to improve gland functioning and help burning, and potassium, a natural detoxifier.


This is a volcanic thermal mud rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition to magnesium, iodine and bromine, it contains sulfur that stimulates healing and sodium chloride to help rid the body of toxins.

Peat Mud

Peat Mud is packed with amino acids, often having a low PH. These are seento have the ability to stimulate the autonomic nervous sstem and help to regenerate the skin’s protective layer.

Detox Treatment Cairns / Detox Treatment Cairns / Detox Treatment Cairns/ Detox Treatment Cairns / Detox Treatment Cairns/ Detox Treatment Cairns

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Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage

Benefits of Massage

Massage has profound effects on the health of the person being massaged. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aides digesstion and by stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up elimination of waste products. These directl benefits, combined with the psychological bendgits of feleling cred for and cosseted, quickl produce a marvellous feeling of well-being that cannot be matched y modern drugs. The benefits of massage are felt not only by the person being massaged: the masseur benefits just as much. Benefits of massage

Benefits of massage


The use of aromatic extracts from plants can add a whole new dimension to your assage. These concentrated essences, taken from flowers, herbs and trees, are known as essntial oils. Armottherpay is the practice of using these oils therapeutially to trate a wide range of problmes form insomnia and stress to acne, ageing skin, depression and nervous tension.

The power of Scent

People usually don’t realise how strongly they are affected by scents. Yet the evocative power of a scent is dramatic – the smell of the sea or or your mother’ perfume can bring memories rushing back. The reason for this is that smells are interpreted by the area of the bring that is concerned with our emotions. Scents have a powerful effect on our moods, so adding some essential oils to your massage oil can enhance the relaxing or invigorating effect of your massage.

Benefits of massage

Recent research testifies to the streght of this link. Dr Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, has found that certain odours can lower blood pressure. The scent of spiced apples was shown to be particularly effective: it lowered the blood pressure of healthy volunteers by an average of three to five points. Other scientifica Research had demonstrated that pleasant smells such as plum or peach can reduce pain, and that essential oils can change people’s mood: jasmine, ylang ylang and peppermint can lift depression, geranium and bergamot dispel anxiety, and rose and carnation restore energy.

Therapeutic Uses

Essential Oils are a couples Mixture of chemical with many different properties. As well as affecting mood, some are antibacterial, antiseptic or anti inflammatory.

The diversity of claims made for essential oils, sometimes several claims for one oil, can cause confusion. A single oil may be described as both calming and stimulating. This sounds like a contradiction, causing sceptics to dismiss the whole subject. However, someone suffering from nervous tension might first be calmed yet the treatment, and then, with its new freedom from tension, reclaim his natural energy and feel refreshed and energized.

Benefits of massage


The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day wrote Hippocrates in 400BC. There are numerous references throughout history to the use of aromatic oils.

The term aromatherapy was coined by a French chemist, Gattefosse, in the 1920s. Several years earlier he had noticed the therapeutic effects of essential oils after burning his hand badly while working in his laboratory. Absent mindedly, he put his burnt hand into the nearest liquid, a bowl of lavender oil. To his amazement, the pain diminished and the burn healed much faster than he expected, leaving no scar. Following this discovery, when working with wounded soldiers during the 1914-18 war, he dofund that essential oils accelerated the healgin process. Since then, aromatherapy has steadily gained in popularity.

Buying Essential Oils

The price of essential oils varies greatly: for a small quantity of lavender oil you would pay only a tiny fraction of the cost of the same amount of rose oil. This reflects the fact that it takes about 200 kilos (over 30 tonne) of rose petals to produce just a litre of rose oil, whereas 200 kilos of lavender flowers yield about six litres of essential oil.

The quality of the oil also varies considerably, depending partly on the process used to extract the oil from the plant, and partly on whether the oil is adulterated with a similar smelling, but cheaper, oil. For aromatherapy you should use top quality oils.

Benefits of massage

Blending oils

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and must always be diluted, otherwise they can sting and even cause allergies. To use them during a massage, you need to dilute them in a carrier oil The most commonly used carrier oils are almond, soya, grapeseed, avocado, peach and wheatgerm oils. Wheatgerm oil is rich in Vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant, but it is rather thick and heavy, so add just aa little to a lighter carrier oil to to prevent your massage il turning rancid.

To dilute an essential oil, mix one to three drops with a 5ml teaspoon of carrier oil. If you want to make up a larger quantity, add 15 to 30 dros to 50ml of carrier oil.

Use a more dilute mixture on sensitive skin and on the face. Don’t mix much more than this at ta time, as the blended oil can turn rancid in a few weeks. Despite their name, essential oils are usually not very oily: they are exceptionall volatile liquids which evaporate quickly, so always put the lids back on the bottles after use. Store them and your blended massage oil in a cool, dark place in airtight bottles.

Choosing Essential Oils

All essential oils add a feeling of luxury to a massage, so choose any that appeal to you. These are some of the most common essential oils and the properties ascribed to them. In perfumery, fragrances are categorized into different notes according to how quickly they evaporate. A top note evaporates very quickly and makes the initial impact, a middle note, mellow, and a base not is long lasting. If you blend essential oils, it is a good idea to choose an oil in each category so that the fragrance lasts throughout the massage.


Antiseptic, astringent, antidepressant used for acne and greasy skin or hair. Sensitizes the skin to ultrviolet leight so do not use just before sunbathing.

Benefits of massage


Calming, soothes the nerves, Suitable for sensitive skins, used in hair products to lighten blonde hair.

Clary Sage

Astringent, stimulating. Used as a fixative in perfumes…great to induce labour.


Antiseptic and stimulating. Used for treateing coughs and colds and aching.


Calming, aids relaxation, treats respiratory problems, said to combat wrinkles.

Benefits of massage

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Cairns Massage

Emmett Cairns

Emmett Cairns

emmett cairns

emmett cairns

Massage is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health and something we all do naturally.

Cairns Massage

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It is a healing instinct, innate in all of us to rub an aching shoulder or stroke a sore leg or hold a 0 furrowed brow.  emmett cairns

Headaches, aches and pains, insomnia, tension and stress can all be alleviated, with one simple instrument – our hands. The basis of massage is touch, and there is increasing medical evidence to show the great value of touch. In a research project at Harvard Medical School a number of patients all about to undergo similar operations were divided into two groups. The anaesthetist visited all the patients the night before the operation. To one group he gave the usual information about the procedure for the following day. The other group he gave similar information, but spent about five minutes longer with each patient; he sat on their beds, held their hands and was generally warm and sympathetic. emmett cairns

After the operation, patients who had received the friendly approach asked for only about half the quantity of drugs that the others requested, and on average were discharged from hospital three days earlier. This suggests the powerful effect that are sympathy can have on general health. emmett cairns

Touch is so natural to us that without it people can become depressed and irritable. Observations show that children brought up in families where the parents and children touch each other are healthier and more able to withstand pain and infection. emmett cairns

They appear better, are more sociable and generally happier. But our need for touch does not stop at childhood, we all need it to give us a feeling of love. Marriage Guidance Council advises couples to touch each other more. It goes as far as to say that the rising rate of divorce could be put down to lack of touch… perhaps just a few minutes spent massaging each other could prevent divorce! emmett cairns


Despite all this evidence to show the benefits of touch, we are still hesitant about touching each other. I think this is due to a confusion between sensuality and sexuality. Because we are so afraid of the connection between sex and touch, we have formalized touch. There are only a few occasions when adults are allowed to touch each other freely- Massage removes the taboos of touching and allows people to touch in a positive way. emmett cairns


Not feeling free to touch each other, we turn to our children or our pets. It is natural for mothers – to cuddle and rock their babies.

Other adults are also permitted to cuddle and kiss babies and small children, as something which not only comforts the child, but pleases the adult as well. Cuddle our cats, hug our horses and pat our dogs. In cultures where touching is more accepted, people touch each other tar more but, unlike us, do not spend hours petting their animals. That we want to touch is evident from the fact that we need do not touch signs in our art galleries. We have an instinct to touch and Our sense to touch is perhaps our most basic sensation. The foetus’s first impressions in the womb are to touch, and maybe that is why touch spells security and comfort. emmett cairns


We need to be encouraged to touch each other more, and massage is the perfect way of doing this in a non-aggressive, non-sexual way. Even the most simple form of massage can have a tremendously comforting effect. Recover more quickly and need fewer drugs after having their hand held for just five minutes, think how effective massage would be regularly to your health and wellbeing. With massage you show that you care about someone, you convey a sense of sharing and intuitive under standing, reassurance and pleasure. emmett cairns


Massage has profound effects on the health of the person being massaged. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up the eliminate waste products. These direct benefits, feeling cared for and cosseted, quickly produce a marvellous feeling of well-being that cannot be matched by modern drugs. emmett cairns

The benefits of massage are felt not only by the person being massaged: the masseur benefits just because of the relaxing mindset of the massage and the feeling it also brings up in the massage therapist. Clinical observations back this up: it has been discovered that when stroking a pet we soothe ourselves too, pressure goes down. Scientists maintain that giving a massage produces the same effect stroking a person has the same relaxing quality for both the giver and receiver. emmett cairns


To me, giving a massage is like active meditation. In order to give a good massage, You should be calm and completely absorbed in what you are doing. Concentrating on the rhythm of your massage, you will soon relax totally relaxation will be transmitted to the person you 1 massaging, when you massage in this state, you that you not only ive a better I but that when you finish You are full Even if  you start giving a massage feeling irritated, anxious or upset, you will find that it is virtually impossible v to remain in a bad mood while doing the soothing Hypnotic massage strokes. emmett cairns


Massage probably goes as far back in history as early as the existence of man. It is something that we all do – apes grooming each other, animals licking their wounds and men rubbing a joint are all using massage. And h has been used throughout history by all cultures. It was called anatripsis by the Greek physician, friction, manipulation, rubbing or shampooing by other -writers. Our use of the word massage is relatively new, and probably derives from the Arabic word. Tasan , which means to stroke with the hand. emmett cairns

In ancient Greek literature there are numerous references to massage. It was instead of exercise during convalescence, after bathing or as a medical treatment for such varied conditions as melancholia, digestive problems and even sterility.

The Roman emperors physician, Galen (131-210 AD), wrote least 16 books relating to massage and exercise, and many of his ideas are still relevant today. He classified massage into firm, gentle and moderate that the strokes and circuits of the hands should be made of many sorts, in order that as far as possible all the muscle fibres should be rubbed in every direction. He prescribes massage to the Gladiators before and after the sessions. They were anointed with oil and nibbed until Julius Caesar was massaged daily to relieve neuralgia the Roman writer was so indebted to his foreign masseur that he requested the emperor to grant him the highest Roman citizenship. emmett cairns

Massage has always greatly valued India, and practically everyone you meet there knows how to massage. Mothers massage their babies, and later these children are tan to do the same for their parents. Massage is incorporated in Ayurvedic treatments an Indian system of medicine dating back to 1800 BC with herbs, spices and aromatic oils being rubbed into herbs, spices emmett cairns

Other cultures, too, In Sir George, record of his travels, he writes of the Sandwich Islanders: “He or she fares sumptuously every and takes little no exercise, while the constant habit of being shampooed (massaged) after every meal, oftener if desirable or expedient, circulation or digestion without super inducing Captain Cook recorded how, in 1779, his painful sciatica was cured when twelve women from Tahiti massaged Th him from head to foot. emmett cairns

In the 18th and 19th centuries, massage grew in popularity in Europe, under the influence of a Swede, per Henrik Ling (X77^”l83p)9 whose r system of Swedish massage spread throughout Europe. He laid great emphasis medical and massage, and classified his treatments as passive or gymnastic movements, friction, vibration, percussion or rotation. Work was rewarded by the Crown, an institute and in 183S a Swedish Institute was opened in London. The century? Such institutes could, be found in trance and America. Has lasted, and massage is still frequently referred to as Swedish massage. emmett cairns

At the end of the 19th century massage was a popular medical treatment, and was frequently used by eminent surgeons,cardiologists and ii physicians, who either performed the massage to do it for them. But houses of ill fame also used the word activities. emmett cairns

During the First World war, massage was used extensively in the treatment of nerve injury and the use of electrical ( apparatus became increasingly fashionable and, in the UK, hand massage was relegated to a back in the UK nana massage was relegated to a back was believed that equally r good results could be obtained with modern drugs or machinery? But experience has shown that drugs have side-effects and nothing can replace the human hand. emmett cairns

Today once again, the therapeutic value massage is being recognized. It is regaining its rightful place in health care, as a complement to other medical treatments, and as a means helping us all to maintain positive health. emmett cairns

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns

Pain relief cairns

Pain relief Cairns

Pain relief cairns……Pain in the legs, feet and ankles no tdue to accident, injury, or an inflammatory disease such as arthritis or gout is usually a combination of poor circulation and musculo-skeletal problems, often from poor posutre and being overweight.

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Gout is a failure by the body to process uric acid properly (uric acid is a natural by-product of waster elimination), causing crystals to build up around joints, which produces swelling, redness and pain. It famously affects the big toes but also the knees, elbows, and hands. Atttacks come and go, sometimes producing a high temperature. Constant attacks gradually damage the joints so recoery is harder and less frequent over time, unless corrective action is taken.

Herbal Medicine

Apply a comfrey and calendula poultice to the affected area as and when necessary. Daily infusions of burdock, nettle, wintergreen, wild carrot, sassagras, juniper, parsley and or willow can clear the problem if taken regularly.

Nutritional and dietary therapy

Drink plenty of pure (not cabonated water and cut out caffeine and alcohol. Try not to eat shellfish, sardines, beans, kidneys, liver or sweetbread, which aggravate the condition. Eating plenty of garlic, cherries, and other berry fruits dissolves and neutralizes uric acid.


Arnica and belladonna are remedies that can reduce the severity of the attack. Take a 6c dose every half an hour for up to ten doses (less if the pain subsides) and then 30c three times daily.

Massage and Aromatherapy

Massage the affected area with essential oils of cypress, peppermint, lavender, chamomiles, geranium, eucalyptus, or rosemary (2 drops in a little carrier oil) or add 3-4 drops of your preferred combination to a bath.

Rheumatism and arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease and one of the most commonest and most severe forms of pain from all causes in the western world, affecting an estimated 10 percent of the population. The two main types are ostoearthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Pain relief Cairns.


is wear and tear arthritis as a result of the gradual wearing down of the protective cartilage between the joints with age. The consequent damage to the bon joints lead to inflammation, reduced movement, and deformity of the joint. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis worldwide, experienced mainly in the hips, knees, and hands. It affects men and women equally.  Pain Relief Cairns

Reheumatoid arthritis is joint inflammation of a varying severity that can affect the whole body, starting usually in the hands and feet and spreading to the rest of the body. It is an auto-immune disease, which means that the body turns against itself and attacks its own tissues. Diet, lifestyle, and inherited predisposition are widely regarded as the main causes, and women are three to four times more likely to suffer than men, especially between the ages of 20 and 40. Apart from swelling, stiffness, and pain in the affected joints. Apart from swelling, stiffness, and pain in the affected joints, producing a characteristically red and shiny skin, sufferers usually experience fatigue, loss of appetite, and often a slightly raised temperature.  Pain relief cairns

Natural therapies have an excellent record in the treatment of both forms of arthritis, both for prevention and cures – so much so they are now the treatments of choice.  Pain relief cairns.


For pain relief both hot and cold compresses are effective as are a variety of baths; choose from seawater, seaweed or epsom salts (3-4 tablespoons in a hot bath). Juice fasts – a combination of celery, carrot, beet, potato, white cabbage, and cucumber – can be safely carried out indefinitely, provided a varied intake is kept up. Contradictory as it may seem, gentle daily exercise is important for both forms of arthritis. It is now recognized that unless joints are kept moving they quickly seize up and the problem get worse. Swimming is excellent with a sauna or steam bath, as is gentle walking. Though controversial, wearing a copper bracelet or, the latest development, elastic supports impregnated with copper is claimed to help may with arthritis.  Pain relief Cairns

Nutritional and dietary therapy

Adjusting diet is probably the single most important step in the successful treatment of arthritis. Reduce consumption of all animal fats, tea, coffee, and alcohol and drink 3-4 pints of pure water every day. Avoid acid producing foods such as red meats and citus fruits. Drinking cider vinegar mixed with honey three times a day is also said to help. Recommended daily food supplements include high ose fish oils, vitamins A, C, E , B complex, the minerals zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum and selenium, the enzyme superoxidase dismutase and the amino acid complex glutathione. Results are unlikely to show for between three to six months.  Pain Relief Cairns

Herbal Medicine

Celery seeds, yucca, bogbean, devil’s claw, bla cohosh, wild yam, willow bark, and feverfew are effective at reducing inflammation. Some may be taken as teas, others as tablets or diluted tinctures.  Pain relief cairns.


Ruta cream rubbed directly into the affected area can help, as can rhus tox, ruta, arnica, and bryonia taken internally.  Pain Relief cairns.

Massage and Aromatherapy

Massage and aromatherapy Massage the affected area with capsicum cream or the proprietary Asian herbal blend ‘ tiger balm’. Alternatively, use 2-3 drops of lavender and/or chamomile essential oils combined in a little carrier oil. Cypress, eucalyptus and roesemary, eighter massaged in or added to a bath, can also help.  Pain relief Cairns

Movement therapy

Yoga and tai chi are excellent for arthrtis of all types as they are both gentle and encourage the right mental approach to dealing with pain.  Pain relief cairns

Electronic devices

TENS and GigaTENS can help relieve pain very effectively in both the high (70-100HZ) and low frequency range. Experimentation is needed. Hand held electronic devices such as massagers/vibrators and intasound are also efective if treatment is applied firmly enough for long enough – at least 45 minutes. High frequency works best.  Pain relief cairns.

Please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538 to discuss how Acupuncture or Massage can help your condition today.  Pain Relief cairns.

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Lower Back Pain Cairns

Lower Back Pain Cairns


back pain cairns

back pain cairns

Lower back pain cairns

If you want to know that the causes of back pain are “too much” (excess)of something, “too little” (deficiency) of something, or blood circulation that’s “too slow’ (stagnation). Also, it’s important to remember that you often will find a combination of several causes that are all working together to keep you in pain.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on how these key concepts are related to your physical body. For most people, it all starts same way.

You use your body in an unbalanced manner, likely without being aware of it. For example, you may sit in a chair or car seat 10 hours a day, but stand or walk only an ho ur or two.

Next, one of two things happens. Some people develop tissue-based pain, which originates in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints. Others suffer from nerve-based pain, a result of taut muscles pressuring a nerve or pulling the body out of alignment so the bones in the spinal column (or a joint) compress or pinch a nerve or force a disc to bulge or herniate. Often, people suffer from both types of pain at the same time. Let’s examine how these situations can develop.

Muscle Imbalances: The of War Inside Your Body

Human beings are born with well-balanced bodies, but rarely do they stay that way- Throughout our lives we learn to use our muscles to master various activities, but because we tend to favor one side, or do some activities over and over again, we work some muscles too much and others too little. Take our modern-day sedentary lifestyles, for exam Most of us sit far more than we stand or engage in activity.

We sit at the computer,a plane, in meetings, while watching TV, and while eating, driving, and visiting.

If were to log, the hours we spend sittings as opposed to other activities, we’d probably find that sitting takes up the majority of our time. We’re a society of “too much” sitting-especiaUy compared to 50 or lOO years ago.

Sitting, however, isn’t the only way we use our muscles too little or too much. Consider the course of your own typical day. Most likely you use one hand more than the other to brush your teeth, style your hair, write, and eat. That hand and arm also are probably more prominent in activities such as cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry. When you drive, you use the right leg for both pedals, while your left does nothing, unless you re operating a manual transmission.

Since you do these activities most every day, these muscles are used over and over again, while others-Iike your left leg when driving—are hardly ever worked. You can imagine how the stronger muscles on one side of your body-with little counterbalancing resistance from the weaker ones on the other side—can pull your spine, hips, and other joints slightly out of alignment.

The same thing can happen with your forward and backward movements. Many people tend to lean forward more than backward for activities such as driving, reading, mowing the lawn, woodwork, crafts, playing games, and, of course, working at the computer. You lift heavy items leaning forward, not backward.

For sports such as skiing, running, cycling, soccer, and baseball? You’re almost always leaning forward.

If you’re not performing backward-type stretches and exercises to counteract these “bending forward” habits, the muscles in the front of your body will become stronger and shorter, while the muscles in the back may weaken and stretch out. Again, when the front of your body is much stronger than the back, you can imagine how such unbalanced forces can subtly distort the natural curve of your spine.

There are many more examples of how we use our muscles unevenly- You may prop a telephone on one ear while doin^ other tasks, using just one side of your neck. Carrying a heavy purse, laptop bag, or backpack on one shoulder may cause you to lean to one side to support the weight while sticking & your hip out on the other side to counterbalance it.

A similar thing happens if you have young children or grandchildren and carry them on one hip.

You jut out that hip to support the extra weight—without copying the action on the opposite side.

Pother example: If you have a wallet or cell phone in your back pocket all the time, it tends to tilt your hip and the rest of your body to one side whenever you’re sitting.

The result of all this uneven body use is that certain parts of the body grow strong while other parts weaken, creating a literal tug of war-where both sides lose.

You can find several videos about muscle imbalances on my website by going to:  Lose

Common Muscle Imbalance Examples

One of the most common examples of a muscle imbalance that causes back pain occurs in many people today who work in sedentary positions.

We call it “forward-tipped pelvis.

Al that sitting tightens the hip flexors (fronts of hips). Meanwhile, the stomach (abdominal), buttock muscles become weak from being underused.

The tight muscles pull the pelvis down and forward, creating an excessive curve in the lower torso and causing the abdomen to protrude forward.

The resulting pressure on the lower spine can eventually cause dysfunction and injury, such as sciatica, a herniated disc, or a muscle spasm.

Another widespread muscle imbalance is one we like to call “forward head and shoulders.”

This occurs frequently because people spend so much time hunched over computers,steering wheels —almost every activity we do requires us to lean forward.

This causes the muscles in the chest and at the base of the neck to tighten up.   While the muscles in the upper back and shoulders weaken.  This stretches putting pressure on the upper spine and causing upper back and neck pain.

There are other common muscle imbalances, but perhaps you can begin to see how our everyday routines work our muscles unevenly.  This creates bad posture, and eventually lead to pain.

Your Muscle Strength: Use It or Lose It

The body is truly an amazing machine. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. In contrast, if you drive your car for thousands of miles, it’s not going to drive any taster or get better gas mileage. If you play your upright piano for years, it’s never going to grow into a grand piano. The human bod/’ on the other hand, responds to work by becoming stronger and more efficient—especially in the muscles. lower back pain cairns

Asyou go about your daily routine, using one hand, arm, or leg more than the other, that part of the body becomes stronger. Imagine if you lifted weights with only your left arm for several months and did very little with your right arm. Pretty soon you would notice a definite difference between the two. lower back pain cairns

When you exercise or use a muscle, stimulated, stressed, or slightly “damaged.” This is why you may feel sore after a particular activity. During rest, the bod/ repairs the muscle, building it back up to withstand similar the future.  lower back pain cairns

The fascinating thing is that the body goes the extra mile in reconstruction, building the muscle up stronger than it was before, so you can handle the same activity with greater ease.

However, the opposite also is true: When you don t work a muscle, it not only doesn’t grow stronger, it actually grows weaker, sort of like a basketball that isn’t inflated regularly* you ve ever had an operation on one leg or arm and had to build the muscles back up again, you know this fact well!

Or, if you’ve ever been confined to bed for a week or two due to a medical condition, you’ll remember how wobbly you felt when you tried to get up again. This is because your muscles had already started to weaken from inactivitySo, how do these uneven muscles result in a tug-of-war inside your body?

lower back pain cairns

Striving for Balance

We think of balance, we often imagine two tilings working in opposition to one another, may visualize two children on a teeter-totter, for instance, or the two ropes that lift and lower a flag on a pulley. Muscles work much the same way—in twos. In order for you to be able to move forward and back and side to side, each muscle needs a partner muscle to pull the opposite way.  lower back pain cairns

If you bend your elbow to touch your neck, your biceps pull, or contract & shorten.  The triceps (the muscles on the back of the upper arm) relax and go into a stretched position. lower back pain cairns

Didn’t have the triceps muscles to pull your arm back out, it would remain bent, fortunately* when you re read.


The triceps contract while the biceps relax to straighten your arm again. This is why it’s so important to keep both muscles in an opposing muscle group balanced.

I’m not saying here that both muscles need to be of equal strength, as some muscles arenaturally designed to be stronger than others.

Rather, each muscle should maintain the state of strength and flexibility that keeps the nearby Joints functioning optimally- This allows you to move easily in all directions in the way the body was designed to move. lower back pain cairns

It comes to eliminating and preventing back pain* the goal isn’t necessarily to have muscles as strong and flexible as possible—though that certainly helps. The goal, is balance: Your muscle pairs need balanced strength and flexibility to support your body height and weight and allow for normal movement. lower back pain cairns

Unfortunately, for most of us, keeping all the muscle pairs equally balanced is a tall order. Not only do we suffer from working some too much and others too little.  We suffer from stretching some, too much and others too little.

But the even bigger challenge is that most people aren’t even aware of this. While this basic understanding of how our bodies work should be common knowledge.

It isn’t, and that’s why so many people struggle with nagging aches and pains. lower back pain cairns.

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Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Body Massage

Body massage is a treatment that may be provided on its own or after some other form of treatment. It is used to maintain physical health, and well-being, as well as inducing relaxation. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are becoming aware of the need to counteract stress in their lives and help eliminate the resulting problems. Some of the help ‘common problems caused by stress.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Prolonged bouts of stress cause tension in all parts of the body but particularly in the muscles. Ability to perform a relaxing massage, therefore, is an essential key to success for therapists who provide body treatments.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns


Performing a relaxing and enjoyable massage is very important in ensuring a successful treatment. Atmosphere and attitude of the therapist are p: both factors to be considered in providing a truly Infective treatment. If clients not in a relaxed frame of mind before the massage, it will take the therapist longer to achieve this effect, so client care and consideration is vital

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

The Treatment Space

The treatment room should be warm and ventilated as clients will have to remove most of their clothing for a general body massage, or they nay have had some form of pre-heat treatment. The room or treatment area should be private, so curtains are essential if a separate room is not used.

Ideally, the light should be natural, but if not, it should be dimmed so that it does not shine brightly into the client’s eyes.

The treatment couch should be covered with a clean sheet and blanket or other form of covering so that ither or both may be used. May only need to be covered with a months aaintain their modesty as a heavier covering may be too warm.

There should be a calm atmosphere and soothing I music may be played quietly in the background to promote relaxation.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

The equipment

A comfortable massage couch at the correct height is essential. It must be positioned to allow therapists to work without getting backache. There are also couches available that have extra width for different forms of massage such as ‘Balinese’. Electrical adjustable couches will allow the therapist to control the height of the massage couch either to suit herself or for each client. This allows clients who would normally find it difficult to get onto the couch, because of their age, medical condition or disability position themselves comfortably before the therapist adjusts the height.

There are different cushioned accessories avail able to allow the client to lie face down and still Some couches have a small hole allowhe mouth and nose to be free to breathe. The bedding should be warm and clcan. Protective paper towelling may be used to protect the bedding, maintaining hygienic conditions and reducing laundry bills. Pillows for client comfort should be provided, and spare pillows or cushions to support the client’s limbs during the massage should be kept nearby.

Spare towels should be readily available to be used when uncovering different parts of the body tor treatment.

A trolley should be set up with all the necessary equipment for the treatment so that the therapist does not have to leave the client during the massage. A Massage medium should be chosen according to These could. Include:

• Oils • there are many different types of oils, which may be chosen to suit a particular skin type or the client’s own preference.

• Creams-these are more readily absorbed into the skin than oils but some clients may have a pre-ference. These could also include specific treatment creams, eg; cellulite cream.

Essential oils – these are now in common use in aromatherapy treatment and are mixed especially ch client to suit particular needs.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

The Therapist

Because of the therapist’s close proximity to the client during a body massage, which can last up ta hour or more, personal hygiene is very important. An immaculate appearance is essential too, It is often quite • keep a white uniform clean as the oil used for massage easily marks the fabric, some therapists choose to wear aprons made in the same fabric when, remove for other treatments.

Hair must be tied up if it is below chin level to vent it falling over the therapist’s face during treatmer Therapists’ hands must be clean and nai|s must be kept short so that they do not dig into client kept short for finger kneading or frictions. Low-heeled comfortable, soled shoes must be worn to prevent poor posture and backache.

To be able to relax clients completely, therapists themselves must be quiet, calm and reassuring. They must know when to listen attentively and when to discourage clients from talking, gain maximum benefit from the massage.

Therapists should stand in an upright position and use their body weight to increase pressure in a movement when necessary. The correct working position must be assumed to allow freedom of movement and good massage technique while preventing backache.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

The general massage routine

Body massage must always be tailored to suit the needs of the clients but, in general, a full body massage, excluding the face and head, should last for approximately one hour and include:

All parts of the body except the rude bits and the abdomen.

There are many different schools of thought concerning the specific order of work to follow, but it is entirely up to individual therapists to decide since they alone will know the requirements of their clients. Whichever order is adopted, the back should always be the last area to be treated as it is the most relaxing part of the general body massage.

It is also important to maintain continuity, keeping one hand in contact with the client at all times, te of movement should be moderate unless the coition requires movements to be speeded upmovement should be even and consistent with the hands moulded gently to the contours of the body.

The amount of pressure exerted will vary different parts of the body and on different clients. With practice* therapists will develop a sense of touch enabling them to treat each client more effectively.

When working on a specific area only, for example the back, 20-30 mintues should be allowed.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Massage Techniques

Effleurage starts and concludes any massage Effleurage starts and concludes any massage and is interspersed with other movements during the massage to provide continuity and ensure the massage is as relaxing as possible, keeping the hands constantly in touch with the client.

Massage Covered by Health Fund Cairns

Cairns Massage

Back Pain Cairns

Back Pain Cairns

The Three Hidden Causes of All Back Pain

Let me introduce to you to the three hidden causes of all back pain (really all health conditions, for that matter)’ begin with terms that are slightly technical, and then expl what they mean in plain EngUsh. Once you understand these key concepts, you’ll probably never look at your own back pain the same way again.

Back pain is ultimately caused by one (or more) of the following three issues:

Excess (“too much”)

deficiency (“too little”)

Stagnation (“too slow”)

All these terms revolve around the idea that to live pain free? You need to maintain a delicate balance in your body? Mind, and diet. It’s important to avoid too much (i.e., excess) of anything that causes you pain or too little (i.e., deficiency) of something in order to prevent pain from occurring.

Jjor example, if you do too much weightlifting, causing your muscles to get shorter and less flexible, and you do too little stretching to lengthen and increase the flexibility of your muscles, you create a condition that is ripe for back

Similarly, if you have too much negative emotional stress and too little downtime to process and deal with that stress, you’ll be creating conditions in your body that are ripe for pain while limiting your ability to heal.

Let’s look at each of these three concepts in more detail.

Back Pain Cairns

Excess: Too Much of Something

When we talk about excess, we’re talking about too much of something. If you drink too much soda, coffee, caffeinated drinks, you’ll have too much caffeine in your system (as well as other junk). Since caffeine is a diuretic that causes you to urinate a lot? You’ll have too little water left in your body. The discs in the spine need water to stay healthy and function optimally- Too little water and they degenerate, making you vulnerable to nerve compression and pa

If you eat too much of the wrong kinds of fats—such as Hydrogenared (partially or fully) vegetable oils; fried foods; and foods such as chips, crackers, and the like-you 11 likely carry too much fat on your body, potentially straining your muscles and putting extra pressure on your back. In addition, the body requires a delicate balance of different kinds fats to avoid inflammation, too much of these tip the scales in favor of inflammation and pain. (I’ll explain more about diet and inflammation in a later chapter.)

can have too much of just about anything in any area of our lives. I’ve touched on diet, but what about the physical body? Too much running, cycling, or weightlifting-without cross-training with other types of exercise, activities-can lead to uneven muscle strength and flexibility.

Much sitting at the computer can lead to shortened muscles in the backs of the legs, which creates back pain. Too much stretching, without strength training, can lead to weak and flabby muscles that no longer support the body properly.

We can expand this concept to our mental lives. Too much stress can weaken the body s defenses and lead to sickness. Too much anxiety can lead to tension headaches and irritable bowels-even panic attacks. Too much self-j udgment can lead to depression and low self-esteem, which decreases blood flow in the body and robs the tissues of adequate oxygen supply.

All these excesses throw the body and mind out of balance, tipping the scales toward back pain-not to mention other kinds of pain and/or disease.

Back Pain Cairns

Deficiency: Too Little of Something

When we talk about deficiency, were talking about too little of something. If you drink too little water, you run the risk of dehydration and toxic build up in the body as well as constipation and back pain.

Eat too little fruits and vegetables, and your body doesn’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy, fight off stress, and lower your risk of experiencing back pain.

As with “too much,” we can have “too little of just about anything in any area of our lives. If we consider the physical body the first deficiency that comes to mind is too little exercise. In America, we’re suffering from an obesity epidemic. I talked about too much of the same kind exercise a moment ago, but for many people, the problem is used to and performing far fewer manual tasks, which is creating all kinds of aches and pains, to say nothing of the increase in such weight-related disorders as diabetes and heart disease.

If we consider our emotional lives, we can see how too little quiet time is a problem for many of us. Bombarded by stimulation from all corners of our existencetelevisions, cell phones, traffic noises, loud voices, stereos, text messages, e-mails, and more. Rarely do we take the time to go to a quiet place and reflect. This constant stimulation leaves us anxious and unable to relax, causing too little oxygen to reachmuscles and creating blood circulation that’s too slow.

These deficiencies create an imbalance in the mind, body, and diet—again, setting us up to suffer because of some upcoming disorder or pain condition.

Stagnation: Something Is Moving Too Slow

Stagnation can be caused by too much or too little something in your life—or by both. Simply put, it’s the: slowdown of blood flow and body energy.

In a healthy body, the blood flows freely throughout the veins and arteries, supplying all organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients they need while carrying waste awa/’ However, if that blood flow is restricted somehow, say, in a trigger point within one of your back muscles, it slows down and clogs up the system.

Imagine one side of a two-lane highway. As long as those two lanes stay open, traffic flows freely (usually!). However, during times of construction, one lane often is closed, which narrows the passageway and forces all the cars into remaining lane. The flow slows down.

There are many causes of stagnation. Too much anxiety, tension, and fear all restrict blood vessels, as evidenced by the feeling of “cold hands.” Too much sitting for long periods of time, whether at the computer or on an airplane, restricts the blood flow in your legs, and can even result in a clot. Too much “bad fat” in the diet can slow down blood flow and leave you fatigued. Too much strain on a muscle can cause a Tnuscle spasm, whichrestrict blood flow. Too little activity, too little stress relief, too little water, and too little stretching to elongate the muscle fibers all can lead to low energy and poor circulation. And poor circulation can lead to muscle soreness, toxin buildup, and back pain.

back Pain Cairns

A Dangerous Cycle

It’s easy to understand how these three pomts-too much, too little, and too slow-can all interact and feed each other. You can see how too much of one thing often prompts too little of something else—with the entire chain of too much and too little resulting in energy and blood flow that is too slow, creating back pain.

Suddenly it becomes clear why the more common approaches to treating back pain—those that focus strictly on pain-don t address the underlying conditions. A dangerous and self-reinforcing cycle.

I recommend you also watch the videos I’ve created covering this topic. You can find the three-part video series at:

How to Get Out of the Pain Cycle

To understand how to get out of this cycle, let’s look in more detail at the three key areas of your life that are impacted by the “too much/too little/too slow” causes of back pain. These are body, mind, and diet.

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back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns

back pain cairns