Massage sore shoulder cairns

Massage sore shoulder cairns and torn rotator cuff cairns – we can fix these here!

Cairns Massage offers a great range of treatments for your shoulder pain relief.

We are covered by private health Insurance.  You will get a rebate.

Remedial Massage, deep tissue, dry needling, acupuncture, and sports massage will be able to help your torn rotator cuff muscle and your sore shoulder!  These modalities found here…will be able to reduce pain, help the tendons to heal faster and also return the movement quicker.  So you can get back to normal life again.

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Massage sore shoulder cairns

A sore shoulder can mean anything from a little bit of tension, to pain or restricted movement.  The shoulder joint is a highly moveable joint.  There are four muscles that act to move it mostly, these are known as the rotator cuff muscles.  They are often in disrepair.  The most common shoulder joint injury is a torn rotator cuff muscle.

massage sore shoulder cairns

Massage sore shoulder cairns

How Long Will Therapy Take?
A question I commonly get when people begin therapy ” Is how long will therapy take?” The general rule of thumb is that the longer the condition has been going on and the more medical conditions (of any kind) that you have, the greater the number of treatments will be required.  The treatment will be more complicated, and take longer.

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Massage sore shoulder cairns – If you are seeing a practitioner, after a few weeks ask for an assessment of how long and how frequent the practitioner expects to see you.
A small percentage of people will get worse before they get better, mostly in complex cases. Or the pain may move around, or you may have the perception that the pain moved around only because the worst areas have improved… I encourage you to stick to your treatments.

Massage sore shoulder cairns – In terms of needling for shoulder pain.  We may choose points such as SI10, LI15, SJ14 and GB21  – use these points for frozen shoulder and torn rotator cuff muscles along with upper trapezius tension.

SI12 and LI15 are points for more general shoulder pains and stiffness LI15 and SI12 are used more often.

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A major factor in the amount o( time it take, to gl’l rl’lil’! trom Symptoms is how diligently you perform self-treatment, and how accurately) ou idl’ntJfv your perpetuating factors and “uccl’ed in eliminating them. ,., I ml’ntionl’d in thl’ introduction, 111 my l”perience, people who do sl’lf-trl’atmenh at home in addition to n'(l’i’lI1g wl’l’kl, professional treatments improve at lea … tfic timl’s faster than those who only rl’cei”, professional treatments. As Doctors Travell and Simons.,aid, “Trl’atmen ts that are done /(1 the patient “hould bl’ minimi.led and cffort … hould be concentrated in teaching what can be done bll thl’ patient. … As patients e,,’rdse increasing control lover symptomm,lnagementj the} improve both ph·.,ically and emotional”-” (lYn, ‘i·N). I can usually give patients a prett’ good indication of how man trl’atmenls thn may need by the end of the second or third treatment, basl’d on their n1l’dical CIlnditlOn, how their mu … c1es feel to me, their diligl’nce about self-treatment and on perpl’tuatll1g factors, and how much they have IInpnwcd (or not) within the fir … t few wceb.

Torn rotator cuff cairns
torn rotator cuff cairns

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