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Maternity Cairns

maternity cairns

maternity cairns

Maternity Cairns.  Cairns Acupuncture and Massage is now offering birthing from within….an alternative style of Birth classes focused on 12 different pain coping strategies along with psychological coping strategies.  We teach classes on sundays and over one and a half sundays.

Here are some information for you on the stages of labour.

Effacement to about four centimeters dilation

The thinning and early dilation of the cervix may take from five hours to twenty four hours or more.  Some of the thinning happens without your awareness, during what is sometimes referred to as the latent phase of labour.

Signs of labour starting include a bloddy show, regular contractions, or breaking of waters.  Slow breathing may help you stay calm and centered.  Choose some little relaxing activities to do now.  Eat if your are hungry, you will need the energy.  Drink fluids and be sure to empty your bladder every 30 minutes so that you don’t have a full bladder.

Four to eight centimeters

Contractions are storng and closer together, lasting longer, these are effective in opening the cervix, which is by now fully effaced.  Walking and other activities usually is no longer comfortable, paticularly if this is your first baby.  Slow, deep breathing may be used in combination with vocalization or other coping techniques (which you learn in your birthing from within childbirth classes – call Tanya on 0408 054 538).

Your partner may do well to remind you to let go of tension between contractions.  Visualize the cervix opening wider and wider, as the baby’s head comes through.

Eight to ten centimeters

No significant change delineates this part of active labour, other than increased intensity.  The same coping techniques you have been using continue to be useful.  Continued heavy labour, contractions may become longer and be somewhat irregular.  These are some of the longest and most intense contractions you will experience.  These sensation of impending bowel movement is normal a the head begins coming through your cervix toward the vaginal canal.  Backache, nausea, irritability and sweating profusely are reported by some women.  Others, however, expereience only a steady augmentation of intensity.  you will be completely immersed in the activity of labour by now and would probably do well to concerntrate on the tremendous power coming through you.  Visualize your bagina as stretching open and the contractions traveling thorough your to open the way for your baby.  Remember to continue breathing.

Bloody show may occur, if it didn’t earlier, as well as breaking of the waters.  Deep breathing in combination with panting to avoid early pushing may be useful now.

The baby travels through the birth canal.

The feeling of bearing down or pushing involuntarily along with spontaneous vocalization or grunting during contractions are common now.  The baby’s head will be seen from the outside but will slip back at the end of a contraction until crowning.  Your vagina will be massaging your baby at this point, getting it stimulated for breathing!

A burning sensation may be felt around the outside of your vaginal opening with each of these contractions as the baby moves outward and then retreats.  Panting can be a very useful technique to prevent pushing.

Please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538

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Maternity cairns


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