Moxibustion Cairns or Moxa Cairns

Moxibustion treatment Cairns – Moxibustion Cairns and Moxa Cairns.

moxibustion cairns

moxibustion cairns

Moxibustion treatment Cairns  –

Moxibustion treatment Cairns and Moxibustion cairns (Jiu) – involves burning dried mugwort (ai ye) or ‘moxa’ at relevant acupuncture points on the body.

The best quality moxa is collected by sifting dried mugwort leaves to collect just the fluffy undersides of the leaves, which are then made into cones, cubes or sticks.

Moxibustion is intended to stimulate circulation of blood and energy and is also used to release sore muscles knots and muscle pain – helps certain forms of arthritis and back pains.

Indirect moxibustion

moxibustion treatment cairns

moxibustion treatment cairns

Moxa Cairns – Moxibustion can be ‘indirect’ where small balls of moxa are placed on the acupuncture needles that are inserted into the body and then lit; or a stick of moxa is lit and held over a particulart part of the body.  Other substances can also be placed between the moxa and the flex and the indirect method – moxa may be burned over salt or on slices of garlic or ginger.  Indirect moxibustion can also involve a moxa box – boxes of varying sizes that contain loose moxa and cover a large or small part of teh body.  The moxa is burnt within the box spreading the treatment over a larger area than a single acupuncture needle or moxa stick.

you would like your body to be relaxed but also for the knots and niggles to be released I recommend you try our Firm but relaxing massage.

Our most popular massage is however deep tissue massage with special focus on trigger points in the neck and shoulders.  This massage also focuses on your lower back which most of us have trouble with.

We can easily arrange to come to your hotel room for this massage.

Our therapists have their remedial massage qualification which means that you can claim your massage back via your private health insurance.

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Direct moxa cairns

Direct moxa cairns

The benefits of regular massage for your health

Improved circulation

Improved lymphatic drainage

Decreased neck and shoulder tension

Decreased jaw clenching

less agitated and more quickly instilled into the relaxed holiday feeling.

Less pain from gas and constipation (if you include an abdominal massage into your 60 minute massage).

Release of accumulated tension

Overall, happier and more relaxed person.

During our massages we may include some of the following “Tools of the trade”

Essential oils.

These oils must be bleneded with a base oil to avoid stinging sensitive skin.  It has been proven that various scents can have a powerful effect on both our physical health and our emotional moods.  The scent of spiced apples, for example, has been shown to lower blood pressure.  Other smells, such as plum or peach,  can reduce pain.  Jasmine and pepperint can lift depression.  Geranium and bergamot help to dispel anxiety.  And rose and carnation have been shown to restore energy.

You can employ scented essential oils to enhance the type of massage you want to give.