Relaxation Massages Cairns

Relaxation Massages Cairns – Try our Warm Bamboo Massage or our Relaxation Massage today!

Relaxation Massages Cairns

Relaxation Massages Cairns

We would like to take you on a journey of restoration, rejuvenation and most of all relaxation.  This is a massage that will leave you feeling sleepy and smiling.

We are well known for relaxation massage in Cairns.

This full body massage will de-stress you from head to toe.  Rhythmic Swedish massage techniques will be used to calm and restore balance.

Another relaxation massage you might like to try is our –

Warm Bamboo Massage

Imagine warm bamboo shoots of various sizes soaked in essential oil rolling, sliding and massaging your muscles.

This gorgeously indulgent massage will revive your senses in a new and innovative way, inspiring the most relaxed state. Customized to your preference, our therapist will use deep tissue techniques or gentle strokes to melt away your tension and soothe your muslces into sweet oblivion.

60 minutes

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relaxation massage cairns

relaxation massage cairns

Do you come home at the end of the day with your neck and shoulders feeling as if they were set in concrete?  Does stress leave your back stiff and aching?  If you get angry and tense, do you clench your fists, leaving your hands and arms heavy and tired?  Anyone who has experienced the physical tensions that can accompany stressful situations will probably not be surprised to learn that massage is one of the most successful ways to relax painful, knotted muscles.
Essential Oils in Massage Therapy
When the therapeutic touch of massage is used in conjunction with potent essential oils, the treatment works on both the mind and body, mainly on the nervous system, and is able to both relax and stimulate.  The oils penetrate the body via the skin and are also inhaled during treatment.  The sense of smell has the most subtle significance in our lives.  Most of the pleasure we derive from foods stems from their aroma:  the initial attraction of other people probably depends on their scent as much as anything else.
Moods can be enhanced or changed with the use of scents.  Aromatic plants contain essential oils that have been used for centuries to relax, sedate, refresh or stimulate according to need.
Airborne aromatic molecules are detected by the brain’s olfactory centre via the nostrils, and produce an immediate emotional or instinctive response from the limbic system within the brain.
Aromatic essential oils can have significant physiological and pharmacological effects as well as affecting mood.  Aromatic molecules may enter the lungs and become absorbed intot he bloodstream which can carry them to all parts of the body, or they may be absorbed into the bloodstream when
The highest Quality Massage Experiences in Cairns…….. Cairns Massage has a very broad range of treatments to meet your individual healing needs …….. Do you want to relax….or to relieve your muscle tension…..or would you like to stop that pain…..looking for a deep/firm massage….or what about a pampering session while pregnant ……….We also offer some very exclusive and different pampering sessions…….. there are helicopter & massage journeys involving flying to a small remote tropical island for a luxurious massage….or…..Can you imagine flying to the top of a remote waterfall…..and then having a blissful massage here…..on top of the world….in nature!…….. or what about trying our Day Packages that include – food and spa indulgences…………. Don’t forget our amazing massage in nature which involves massage on the beach or another secluded location……….Of course we can also bring our massage tables to your resort room….and in the comfort of your own space……while your partner cares for the kids…..we can come and pamper you…..or have a girls day in….while the boys are fishing/golfing….pamper yourselves…..or have a side by side couples massage with your significant other…… in your room…….romantic and relaxing……. right in the comfort of your own space……. The practitioners who will pamper you are highly experienced with at least 5-12 years experience in the profession………. Many of our therapists have received the highest accolades in their profession……………… Most are members of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society!…….
….phone 0408054538…..I think you deserve the restoration and healing…….don’t you?
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