Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

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Private health insurance massage Cairns – Please book online via the book online button or send a text to 0408054538.

Remedial Massage is focused on helping fix an injury or problem area in your body.

Remedial massage here at this clinic is claimable via your private health insurance.  This means that you can get a rebate back from your private health insurance company.  This is if your policy has extras cover and that that extras cover includes remedial massage.

Remedial massage focuses on fixing tight neck and shoulders, rotator cuff problems in your shoulders, elbow pains, temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ).  You can use remedial massage pre sporting events or post sporting events for helping to speed up your recovery.

Private health insurance massage Cairns – Remedial massage is used by us during clinic to treat many ironmen/ironwomen, cyclists competing in things like the crock trophy, downhill mountainbike championships etc.

Remedial massage is commonly used to fix sciatica, low back problems, neck problems, bursitis, knee aches and pains.  It is really useful for any ailment in your body that needs fixing that involves a musculoskeletal cause.

Private health insurance massage cairns – Over the years I have helped countless people fix their pain, restore movement and get back to functioning and leading a good life again.  Remedial massage may involve being given homework as a post treatment support and to speed up recovery.  Homework may include things such as rocktape application, stretches, referral to the dentist (for a splint in the case of TMJ problems), referrals to podiatrists if the problems are coming from poor foot function leading to hip and back problems.  We may also suggest that you return to the clinic for follow up remedial massage treatments (if more than one treatment is required to do a thorough treatment plan).  We may also suggest dry needling or acupuncture if remedial massage is not speeding recovery fast enough or if the joint needs to have a further reduction in inflammation.

Private health insurance massage Cairns – Remedial Massage is 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length.  You can book online here at this website by following the book online button.  You can check available times via the book online button as well.  Alternatively, you can send a text message to 0408 054 538 and explain your condition and then we can set up an appointment.

Private health insurance massage Cairns

Private health insurance massage Cairns

Private health insurance massage Cairns

Acupuncture Cairns and Cairns Acupuncture may be able assist you.


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