The Top 3 Massages Cairns – Cairns Massage or Tanya Galvin as number one!

Top 3 Massages Cairns

Top 3 Massages Cairns

Top 3 Massages Cairns

This list has been selected based on local cairns people enjoying massages in cairns by these operators for over 5 years.  They have been selected based on feedback from customers who have posted on facebook online forums and mentioned as recommended places from these facebook pages comments.

  1.  Cairns Massage – Tanya Galvin – 0408 054 538

Enhance your holiday at Cairns Massage with a visit to our award winning clinic. Offering a range of treatments that leave you feeling restored, revived and inspired, our exquisite day spa focuses on all aspects of wellness in an environment of tranquility and comfort. Enter into the warm embrace of a tropical oasis designed to meet all of your evolving wellness and beauty needs.

Designed with sophistication and tailored to your individual needs and preferences, Cairns Massage provides ultimate beauty and body treatments.

Our long-standing reputation for personalised service and attention to detail ensures that at every point of your massage journey – from the moment you enter the sanctuary until departure – you will undertake an extraordinary experience.

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or send a text to Tanya Galvin / Cairns Massage on 0408 054 538.


All massages begin with our signature foot ritual and your choice of an organic essential oil blend.

Cairns Specialized massage 60mins

Our signature full-body massage combining rhythmic movements with your choice of an organic oil blend.


Release tension from the deeper tissues and help correct muscular imbalances.


Expertly guided hot basalt stones combined with geranium and clementine oils and fluid movements. 90min option includes additional foot renewal exfoliation.


Treat yourself during your pregnancy with this specialised massage to relieve tension while supporting both your body and bump. Suitable after 12 weeks.

HEAD, NECK & SCALP 60 mins


Target the areas that carry stress with an organic essential oil blend.

Top 3 Massages Cairns

2.  Cairns Mobile Massage

We are one of the best massage places in Cairns for deep tissue massage or remedial massage.  Remedial massage specifically remedies an area of your body.

Are you suffering from a newly acquired sporting injury?

Did you fall off your bike and now have some serious aches and pains.

We treat these kinds of situations everyday.  We might see someone who just woke up with a kink in their neck or they were doing gardening and now they have a really sore back.

We often use stretches, send you home with foam roller homework.  We may give you some liniment to rub onto your injury.  We will show you what not to do and what to do to rehab you through this injury.

I have worked on cruise ships for many years around the world on both chronic and acute injuries.  I have also worked locally here in Cairns for the Royal Flying Doctors service working with people in the outback in need of rehabilitation.

We accurately assess your range of mobility and pain levels.  If we think it necessary we will refer you on to the next health care provider if you need help such as -go to the hospital its broken, or you might need to see the orthopedic surgeon for a consultation.

We here at Cairns Massage work closely with the local Orthopedic Surgeons for cases such as torn ligaments, ruptured discs etc.

We have worked closely with other healthcare providers for many years – alongside osteopaths, personal trainers, yoga instructors, chiropractors, Acupuncturists, ironman coaches (recently we attended and was asked to massage 20 ironmen/women who were on their build for this years Ironmen/women – we worked in with their coaching team).  It was great to work alongside such elite sportspeople.

We welcome you to phone us and discuss how we can help you to achieve your goals of returning to work, or returning to cylcling, or returning to whatever it is you can’t do right now but would really love to get back to!

Top 3 Massages Cairns

3. Cairns Acupuncture and Massage

This massage clinic also has the additional services of cupping, gua sha and acupuncture (often renamed as dry needling).

This clinic is a serious massage clinic meaning it has trained remedial therapists who can diagnose and treat conditions and may recommend a course of action for you to follow if you have an injury.  You will probably be given ‘homework’ to follow your treatment up with such as rocktape, epsom salt baths, stretching and probably encouraged to return to the clinic for subsequent treatments until your injury is abated.

Top 3 Massages Cairns