Massage Palm Cove

Massage Palm Cove

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We offer many different Massage Styles and for different kinds of ailments or to simply relax!

  • Remedial Massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Firm but relaxing massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • 60 minutes or 90 minutes or 2 hour massages are available.

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Massage palm cove

For Example Reflexology

Reflexologists believe that the feet and hands mirror the body and stimulation of specific reflex points on them can affect associated organs and systems.  The big toe, for example, reflects the head and brain.  A combination of massage, pressure and pinching over all parts of the feet  (or in some cases, the hands) can produce deep relaxation.

Consequently, reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies and is even offered in hospital cancer centres, pain clinics and special-care baby units.

History of Reflexology

Foot massage dates back to ancient Eygpt and China, but reflexology as practised today was introduced in 1915 by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, a US ear, nose and throat specialist. Known at the time as ‘zone therapy’ it was based on the theory that energy flows in vertical zones through the body, from the feet to the head, so that pressure applied to a reflex point on the foot can affect all the organs, glands, bones and muscles in the zone.  In the 1930s, Eunice Ingham, a US physiotherapist, mapped the reflex points on the feet an developed techniques for stimulation .  Her map is still widely used today.  On of Inghams students, Doreen  Bayley, introduced reflexology to the UK and in the 1960s and it popularity spread rapidly.

Main Principles

Zone on the left side of the body are said to correspond to reflex points on the left foot and hand, and those on the right to the right foot and hand.  Practitioners believe that granular or crystalline accumulations of waste products, possibly uric acid and calcium, collect around reflex points.  The more tender the points to the touch, the greater the “imbalance” in the body.  The practitioner tries to break down these deposits to free the energy flow along the zones and stimulate circulation to flush away toxins.  Mental health is also said to be reflected in the feet, so reflexology is used to treat emotional as well as physical problems.  Although similar in theory to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s concept of meridians.

Reflexology claims to be a separate approach.  Doctor concede that pressure on the 7,200 nerve endings in each foot seems to promote feelings of deep relaxation, which may induce useful, non-specific healing effects.


Most practitioners prefer to work on the foot, so expect to take off your footwear and relax in a reclining chair with your feet raised.  The practitioner stimulates the reflex points by massaging each foot and with her knuckles and thumbs, observing areas of pain or tenderness.  When worked on intensely, even extremely sensitive areas usualy become less so.  Most people find the treatment relaxing, but occasionally it is followed by a worsening of symptoms, believed to indicate that the body’s natural healing processes are removing toxins.

Main Uses

Stress related conditions


Back pain


Avoid in the first three months of pregnancy and check with your doctor before treatment if you have a long term health problem.  Tell the practitioner if you are taking any medication.

Biochemical Effects

Changes Brain and tissue chemistry by encouraging the relaxation response.

Structural Effects

Encourages muscle relaxation and improves circulation; some evidence that it can relieve pain.

Psycho-social effects

Practitioners aim to address underlying stress-related factors that trigger or prolong health problems.

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Massage palm cove

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