Therapeutic Massage Cairns and Sliding Cupping Cairns

therapeutic massage cairns

therapeutic massage cairns

Sliding Cupping Massage Cairns.  Therapeutic Massage Cairns and Sliding Cupping Cairns may be techniques we use to help fix your aching body.

We have a very broad range of massages for you to choose from.  There are the traditional and very popular massage such as deep tissue, remedial, relaxation and pregnancy massage.

Therapeutic Massage Cairns – We also offer hot stone massage and warm bamboo massage.  We are very well respected in Cairns and Port Douglas for our high degree of skill and effectiveness of treatment results for things such as back and neck pain.  We offer health fund receipts so if your massages are covered under your private health insurance.

sliding Cupping Cairns

sliding cupping cairns

Sliding Cupping Cairns – Sliding cupping involves the use of a suction cup in the treatment area and is moved on the surface of the skin, usually along the meridians or fascial planes. When sliding the cup on the surface of the body, you can easily feel the tense areas.  Sliding Cupping Massage Cairns

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Therapeutic Massage Cairns – Using Acupressure

Western ‘acupressure’ derives from the Japanese techniques of jin shin do; in China a similar form of acupressure has developed from martial arts and involves manually ‘pointing’ (poking), pressing, pinching, patting, knocking and pounding acu-points.

Both Jin shin do and all the Chinese martial arts involve harnessing the qi of the body in some way.  Pointing therapy is mainly used in China for joint, back and muscle problems and paralysis, while in the west Acupressure is often focused on relaxation and stress relief.

One can regard acupressure as a manual pressure on acu-points or as a powerful energy-enhancing technique that involves focusing qi into the hands and fingertips and uses the power of vital energy to heal.  Preparing to use acupressure involves focused breathing and meditation to help channel qi to the hands.  Channeling the qi to the hands is achievd by a combination of visualization and deep breathing.  There are various pressure techniques that can be used and each has its own therapeutic attributes and can be helpful on a wide range of ailments.


The index finger is placed on the the first joint of the middle finger while the thumb supports the middle finger from below.  The ring and little finger are tightly closed.

The middle and index fingers are touching and slightly bent, with the thumb under the top joint of the index finger and the ring and little fingers are tightly bent.

The tips of all five fingers held together with the thumb against the index finger.

In pointing the therapist will knock the acu-point two or three times a second with the hand in one or other of these positions.

This is generally done with the thumb fully extended away from the other fingers witht eh four fingers made into a fist with the index finger pushing against the second joint of the thumb.
This is only used on nails, toe or finger joints and involves pinching finger or toe between index and middle fingers and scratching the nail or joint with the thumbnail.
This involves putting all four fingers together, and slightly flexed, with the thumb against the second joint of the index finger and then patting the meridian gently up to ten times.
This has a similar hand position to patting but with the thumb against the first joint of the index finger and knocking with the tips of the fingers rather than the underside.
Modern Acupressure techniques are simillar to the patting technique, with gentle stroking and the pressing technique using the thum.  Some Japanese-trained therapists prefer the pointing hand-movment but with constant pressure rather than repeated knocking.
sliding cupping massage cairns

sliding cupping massage cairns

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