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Deep Tissue Massage Cairns

Deep Tissue Massage Cairns
Deep Tissue Massage Cairns

Introducing Deep Tissue Massage: Enhancing Athletic Performance and Promoting Optimal Recovery at Our Sports Medicine Clinic

At our esteemed sports medicine clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and innovative solutions to help athletes like you reach their peak performance. We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering: Deep Tissue Massage, a game-changing therapy that will revolutionize your training and recovery regimen.

Deep Tissue Massage is a specialized technique designed to target and alleviate deep-seated muscle tension and chronic pain. Our highly skilled and certified massage therapists employ a range of advanced manual techniques to penetrate through multiple layers of muscle and fascia, releasing knots, adhesions, and tightness that can impede your performance.

Why choose Deep Tissue Massage at our clinic? Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Enhanced Athletic Performance: Deep Tissue Massage has been proven to optimize athletic performance by improving muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and overall range of motion. By effectively breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, this therapy helps to restore muscle balance, preventing injuries and enhancing your ability to move with fluidity and precision.

  2. Accelerated Recovery: As an athlete, you understand the importance of efficient recovery. Deep Tissue Massage stimulates blood circulation, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to fatigued muscles, while removing metabolic waste and toxins. This accelerated recovery process reduces inflammation and soreness, allowing you to bounce back quickly and resume training at your full potential.

  3. Individualized Approach: Our sports medicine clinic takes pride in offering personalized care tailored to your specific needs. Our expert therapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your unique areas of concern and develop a customized Deep Tissue Massage plan that addresses your specific muscle imbalances, chronic pain, or injuries. We prioritize open communication and collaboration, ensuring that your treatment aligns with your goals and preferences.

Experience the transformative benefits of Deep Tissue Massage at our state-of-the-art sports medicine clinic. Our commitment to excellence, combined with the expertise of our dedicated therapists, will empower you to surpass your limits and achieve new heights in your athletic journey. Don’t let muscle tension hold you back; invest in your performance and recovery today! Contact us to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward unlocking your athletic potential.

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Deep Tissue Massage Cairns
Deep Tissue Massage Cairns

Deep Tissue Massage Cairns

Deep Tissue Massage Cairns – Our Deep tissue massage provides a highly therapeutic experience.  These treatments relieve stress and muscle tension by focusing on specific muscle groups, combined with specially blended massage oils.

This Massage targets your hip flexors/iliopsoas, ITB, upper traps muscles which are very common in causing us problems in daily life.

We may work on your masseter muscles, parietal muscles and SCM which are all key muscles that set up neck and head pains (we are highly trained therapists – Australian trained)

We will massage the rest of your major muscle groups with the strategy of identifying and fixing the muscles with trigger points that are commonly causing you pain and discomfort.

We identify which agonist and antagonist muscles are working or not working.  We seek to rectify these and help you feel the difference.

Rated by locals as one of the best massages in Cairns! Also highly rated for our dry needling cairns.

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60 Mins

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Deep Tissue Massage

Back and neck massages – two major problem areas of the body frequently treated in the clinic.

The back responds wonderfully to massage and it is a good area on which to begin any massage session because most people feel comfortable about being touched there. The spinal cord is literally our ‘lifeline’ fanning out between each fo the spinal vertebrae are pairs of spinal nerves (33 pairs in all) that govern many of the body’s functions.

For this reason alone, a back massage can benefit the whole body and mind. The back is an extremely vulnerable area of the body, consisting of 12 major muscle groups and many other underlying ones that assist everyday movments such as bending, sitting down, getting up, walking, lifting, driving, running and exercising. It is no wonder that back pain accounts for more lost working days than any other complaint.

Bad posture is major cause of back problems. Slouching over a desk, sitting incorrectly in front of a computer, carrying and lifting heavy objects, can all contribute to muscular tension and back discomfort.

Massage is a great way to alleviate muscle tension, ease pain, and generally create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

Massage will increase the blood circulation to alleviate the pain. You should also try to stretch out the affected muscle.


Back strain is the most common source of debilitating pain. Most sports put increased strain on the legs, buttocks and back. Previous injuries can make the back prone to recurrent pain. Awkward, inappropriate or excessive exercise can also cause trouble. You should never subject the back to unnecessary strain. With a regular and thorough back massage (particularly before exercise) the likelihood of injury is reduced.   You may also want to try our dry needling in cairns.

Neck and Shoulder massage

The neck and shoulders are the main areas prone to tension in our body. The neck is very delicate and it has to support the head, which is a heavy part of the body, weighing approximately 6kg.

Like the back, the neck and shoulder muscles help you to perform daily activities such as carrying shopping, driving, gardening, doing domestic chores, lifting babies, pushing buggies, even using a knife and fork.

Many emotional feelings are carried in the neck and shoulder area – we literally carry our burdens on our shoulders. Bad posture, such as hunching your shoulders when you feel cold or nervous, also affects this area. This causes the muscles at the sides and back of the neck to become very tense.

When the neck muscles becomes imbalanced, headaches can occur. If the shoulder muscles are tense the range of movement in the shoulder, arm and neck can be affected, some sports, such as gold, softball, tennis, swimming and bowling can also create neck and shoulder problems – so it is important that this area of the body is kept free of tension and discomfort.

Ironmen Cairns Massage – Tanya Galvin 0408 054 538.

Here at Cairns Massage (Tanya Galvin) we have been treating ironmen and ironwomen in their build up to their competitions (locally, for cairns ironmen along with build ups for busselton and port macquarie ironmen and most importantly for Kona – to name a few).

We have also been working as the Massage therapist at the Tzero training camps here in Cairns. These training camps are run by Richard Thompson the current world record holder for Ultramarathon and former elite Ironman.

He has been coaching cairns locals and helping them to qualify for Kona and here at Cairns Massage we have been massaging them – remedial and sports for pre and post competition.

We encourage the use of rocktape, epsom salt baths, certain athlete specific supplements and very athlete specific foam roller homework.  You may also want to try our dry needling cairns.

Tanya Galvin has been treating these athletes and also trail running athletes for the last 3 years.

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dry needling in cairns
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