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Dry Needling is a techinque whereby microfine needles are inserted into trigger points in muscles.

This decreases pain and inflammation.  This deactivates the point, or eliminates the trigger point.

Trigger points are found and located in specific areas in muscles and trap nerves between the muscle layers.

These trigger points – “trigger’ the nerve to refer pain to other nearby areas for example a trigger point in the jaw will refer pain and potentially give you a temporal headache.

Another trigger point is found in the middle of the lower calf and if it is trapping a nerve you may experience pain referred to the heal.

Trigger points may need to be released more than once so you may need to have three or four treatments and may need to do stretches at home.

Remedial Massage is a form of massage that seeks to remedy or fix a certain problem in the body.

Dry needling, trigger point deactivation are all techniques used in remedial massage.  If you don’t like needles….that is ok.  We don’t have to do needling….we can just do remedial massage.  If however you do decide to have dry needling….just know that it is available and if highly effective.

Trigger points may be found all through the body and may refer pain into some strange places….common ones are

In the lower back referring pain accross the top of the lower back.

In the gluteus Maximus muscle referring pain down the outside of the leg.

In the piriformis muscle referring pain down the centre of the back of the leg.

In the rhomboids referring pain out to the scapula.

In the levator scapula muscle referring pain up into the base of the neck of downwards into the rhomboids.

In the small muscles at the base of your neck which may refer pain to behind your eyes.

Dry Needling Cairns

Cairns Massage & Dry Needling

Dry Needling Cairns

One hour Dry Needling and Massage Session

Tanya Galvin graduated with Honours from her Bachelor of Health Science Degree – Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Tanya is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and registered with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine registration board.

The Top 3 Massages Cairns – Cairns Massage or Tanya Galvin as number one!

Massage Therapy and Chinese herbs in Treatment of Depression

A great combination – if you are hesitant of having acupuncture then a great way to help your depression would be to combine regular massage and Chinese herbs (we offer this treatment combination here at Cairns Acupuncture and Massage and is extremely popular).

Here is some clinical information on the use of this combination for fixing depression:

A meta-analysis published in 2004 found that Massage therapy and Chinese herbs produces significant effects in depression. A total of 37 randomised trials were included, involving 1802 participants; 795 of them received massage therapy and chinese herbs and 1007 received a comparison. Massage therapy and chinese herbs frequently led to large reductions in symptoms of depression, with a course of treatment providing benefits similar in magnitude of psychotherapy.

Women who had experienced sexual abuse were given a 30 minute massage twice a week for one month. Immediately after the massage, the women reported being less depressed and less anxious and their salivary cortisol levels decreased following the session. Over one – month treatment period, the Massage therapy group experienced a decrease in depression and in ‘life event’ stress. Although the relaxation therapy control group also reported a decrease in anxiety and depression, their stress hormones did not change, and they reported and increasingly negative attitude toward touch.

A more recent meta-analysis, published in 2010, reports that Massage therapy and chinese Herbs significantly alleviates depressive symptoms. The Taiwanese researchers included 17 studies involving 786 depressed subjects.

Compared with the control group (no massage and no herbs), Massage therapy and herbs had positive effects on depressed subjects in all trials.

Massage Therapy and Chinese Herbs Combination for Depression in Pregnancy

A review of studies on the effects of pregnancy massage in depressed women found that this practice effectively reduced prenatal depression and resulted in more optimal neonatal behaviour than for infants born to mothers who did not receive massage during pregnancy.

One study recruited 84 depressed pregnant women during the second timester of pregnancy and randomly assigned them to Massage therapy/herbs, progressive muscle relaxation or a control group. These groups were compared to each other and to a non-depressed group at the end of the pregnancy. The Massage therapy/herbs group participants received two 20 minute sessions from tehir significant others each week plus herbs prescribed by a Chinese Medicine Practitioner for 16 weeks of pregnancy starting during the second trimester.

The relaxation group practised progressive muscle relaxation session on their own on the same time schedule. Immediately after the massage therapy session the the first and last days of the 16 week period, the women reported lower levels of anxiety and depressed mood and less leg and back pain.

Massage Therapy and Chinese Herbs for Depressed Children and Adolescents

Depressed Children and adolescents, particularluy those hospitalised for depression, have elevated stress hormone levels, including cortisol and norepinephrine. One study used Massage therapy in an attemp to lower the depression and cortisol levels of 52 depressed children and adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric unit. The effects of a daily 30 minute back massage over a five-day period were compared with those after viewing relaxing videotapes (control group). After five days, the massaged subjects were less depressed and anxious and had lower saliva cortisol levels versus the controls. In addition, nurses rated the children as being less anxious and more co-operative on the last day of the study, and night-time sleep increased over this period. Saliva and urinary cortisol levels decreased in the massage therapy group.

Massage therapy for Depression in people with Cancer

A study reported beneficial effects of Massage on serotonin and dopamine levels and depression. Thirty four women with stage 1 or 2 breast cancer were assigned to Massage (30 minute massages three times per week for five weeks) or a control group after their surgery. The massage consisted of stroking, squeezing and stretching the head, arms, leg/feet and back. Results showed that Massage therapy had immediate effects, including reduced anxiety, depressed mood, and anger. Longer-term massage effects included reduced depression and hostility and increased urinary dopamine, serotonin, natural killer cell numbers and lymphocytes.

1290 cancer patients took part in a study of Massage therapy, which found an average 50% reduction in symptoms including nausea, anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression.

A study of 42 hospice patients with cancer found that massage therapy improved sleep and reduced depression. In this study, patients with higher initial levels of psychological distress had better responses.

Overall Massage can be strongly recommended to patients with depression to lift mood.

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Information in the blog post comes from a Depression Natural Remedies that really work

By Professor Shaun Hold and Iona Macdonald.

ISBN 978 1927158029

Wairu Press, New Zealand, 2011.

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