Sports Massage Cairns

Sports Massage Cairns

Sports Massage Cairns

sports massage cairns

Sports massage Cairns.  We have been incredibly busy treating a lot of cyclists in Cairns.  This is in preparation for mountain biking events or for road riding for Ironman preparations.  We also offer remedial massage cairns and dry needling.  Cupping for very deep tissue massage is also available as is another highly effective technique called gua sha.

Sports Massage is the treatment for athletes or active individuals.  It is ideal for rehabilitation of sporting injuries, recovery from physical activity or maintaining normal muscle health for active individuals.

Sports massage and remedial massage cairns involves de activating trigger points, stretching muscles, may involve rock tape application.  Depending on how long and how many kilometres your body has just done will depend on the pressure – for instance post a ironman the massage would focus on moving the muscles gently on the bone – nothing deep tissue.

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If you are needing a massage a week out from an event to loosen up the body then deeper pressure will be applied.

Stretching post a race or ride may be the best thing for the sports massage to prescribe / do during your session.

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Sports Massage may be used to treat

Muscle tension

Chronic back pain


Joint mobility and flexibility

Recovery from injury

Improved circulation

Reduction of discomfort during pregnancy

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Sports Massage Therapist Cairns

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