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Lymph Drainage Massage Cairns or MLD Cairns

Woman getting a massage in Cairns.

Lymph Drainage Massage Cairns and Massage reduce swelling cairns. Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns – Massage reduce swelling cairns Massage reduce swelling cairns – The lymphatic system, which acts as purifying and drainage system for the body is put under strina when the body is injured or unhealthy. Waste products cannot be filtered out quickly enough […]

Claiming massage receipts Cairns

Claiming massage receipts Cairns – The process for claiming your remedial massage via your private health insurance in Australia both if you have a hicaps machine and also if you just have a receipt. What is remedial Massage and what are the benefits In Australia, remedial massage is a therapeutic treatment that aims to address […]

Bioresonance Machine Cairns and Rife Machine Cairns.

Bioresonance Machine Cairns and Rife Machine Cairns.

Rife Machine Cairns. Rife Machine: A Rife machine is a type of electromagnetic device that is purported to treat various ailments and conditions using specific frequencies. It’s named after Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor and microbiologist in the early 20th century. Rife claimed that specific frequencies could destroy or disable pathogens like viruses and […]