Couples Massages Cairns

Couples Massages Cairns

113 McManus Street

Whitfield Cairns Australia 4870

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Couples massage is a great way to relax together with your partner.  It is fun to have  laugh at each other and to enjoy some quiet time next to one another.

Here at Cairns Massage and Cairns Acupuncture we have great couples massages for you – We can mix and match so that one massage can be remedial or relaxation and the other can be hot stone or warm bamboo massage.  The choice is yours.

Hot stone Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage

Deep tissue/Remedial / Sports Massage

Relaxation / Swedish Massage can all be chosen as part of your couples treatment.

Please phone us on 0408 054 538 to organise your treatment today.

Couple massages cairns

Couple massages cairns

Here is a description of some Massage Techniques:


The word percussion is derived from the lating percutere which means to hit. Tapotement is a stimulating, invogorating technique that involves striking the tissues with alternate hands in rapid succession in different ways. Various parts of the hands are used to perform percussion movements; the edge of the hands, the palms and the fists. The secret of tapotement lies in the flexibility of the writst, since this is where the action comes from, rather than the elbows or shoulders.

Percussion movements should only be performed over the larger muscle areas of the body such as the thighs. It is never performed over bony prominences such as the shins. As the topotement is stimulating it is used in massages where a vigourous approach is required. It is invaluable for use on athletes prior to an event. However, if relaxation is the primary aim it may not be appropriate to perform it!

What are its therapeutic effects?

It draws blood to the skin stimulating the local as well as the overall circulation very effectively.

Topotement is invigorating and stimulating.

Percussion movements cause muscle tissue to contract and therefore induce muscle tone.

It is often employed over areas such as the thighs or the buttocks to help to break down fatty deposits.

If performed lightly over the upper back, tapotement can loosen mucous in the lungs and facilitate expectoration. Care should be taken to avoid the spine.

Gentle percussion may be applied to the abdomen to improve digestion and to help alleviate constipation.


is also known as clapping and it is the most common form of percussion. It is performed with the palms of the hands facing downwards and formed into a cup-shape. Alternate hands are then applied to the body in quick succession. The shallow cup shape causes a pocket of air to be trapped against the skin as the hands strike the tissues and a hollow sound is produced. It is easy to tell if it is being produced correctly by listening to the sound.


is applied with the edge of the hands – the little finger side (the ulna border of the hands). The wrists need to be very loose so skake your hands out well to relax them. Hold your hands over the body with the palms of your hands facing each other, thumbs uppermost and flick your hands up and down very quickly and rhythmically in rapid succession.


is also known as ‘finger-hacking.’ Its is similar to hacking except that the edges of the little fingers rather than the edges of the hands are bought down into contact with the body. This gives a much lighter effect. The superficial tissues rather than the deep muscles are stimulated.


is performed with lightly closed fists and sounds worse than it is! Since pounding is very vigorous it should only be performed on buttocks and fleshy thigh regions. The movements are sometimes referred to as pummelling or both are grouped together as beating. Make your hands into loose fists, and with both hands and wrists relaxed, the fists are applied to the body in quick succession. The movements are light, bouncy and springy rather than heavy and thumping. In pounding, the palmer aspect of the fist is used.


Is a very gentle form of tapotement – the french topoter means ‘to pat’ or ‘to drum’ . In contrast to the other percussion movments, this is a very gentle technique. It uses just the fingertips and it is carried out on sensitive, delicate areas such as the face. To perform tapping make sure that the fingers are loose and relaxed and gently tap the fingertips on the area to be treated. The rhythm can be varied – try slow tapping as well as rapid tapping.

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