Prenatal massage Cairns

Prenatal massage cairns.

This massage is beneficial for expectant mothers.  Our pregnancy massage will relieve aches, pains and increase relaxation.

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Cairns Massage / Tanya Galvin has a special interest in pregnancy massage.  Tanya has been massaging pregnant women in Cairns for the last 7 years throughout most of the stages of pregnancy.

I am also a fully qualified acupuncturist so I often help women with acupuncture for

induction of labour

turning breech babies

helping stimulate milk supply

helping with carpal tunnel syndrome

helping with morning sickness

helping with back pain during pregnancy

please call to discover how I can help you with massage and maybe consider an acupuncture treatment if you are struggling with any of the above!

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prenatal massage cairns

prenatal massage cairns

The development of massage

History shows that although the early Egyptians made references to the benefits of massage, the chinese were among the first to recognize its healing value at around 3000BC.

Roman and Greek philosophers and physicians prescribed it both for it’s restorative powers after battle and for general preservation of the body and mind. Although the romans believed in it’s curative powers, the art of massage also became part of a daily ritual for relaxation. After bathing, oils would be used to anoint the body from head to toe, followed by a luxurious massage.

Herbalists throughout history have used massage to heal body and soul, both by applying balms and by laying their own hands on the afflicted to expel evil spirits and clear the mind.

It wasn’t until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, though, that massage became popular throughout Europe, thanks to the work of Per Henrik Ling. Ling was a Swede who travelled to China and returned with a detailed insight into their massage techniques. From these he developed his own system of massage based on a variety of movements, involving pressure, friction, vibration and rotation.

This wealth of practical knowledge soon spread, and medical and non-medical professions worldwide began exploring the benefits of massage. This eventually established the basis of massage today, which in many ways remains much the same now as those early swedish techniques.

Along with basic massage we are now experiencing a revival of interest in many of the ancient arts which place such great importance on touch. These include aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu – all distinctive natural therapies which have a specific role to play in ‘alternative’ health-care.

Everyone enjoys massage. From babies to the elderly, from sportsmens and women to friends and family, all can benefit from this powerful form of communication. An effective aid to relaxation, massage helps to smoothe away stress, unknotting tension and aching muscles, relieving headaches and helping sleep problems.

Massage can also be invigorating: it improve the functioning of many of the body’s systems, promotes healing and tones muscles, leaving you with a feeling of renewed energy.

The human touch

The sense of touch is powerful and a highly sensitive form of communication. It is a natural reaction to reach out and touch, whether to feel the shape or texture of something, or to respond to another person, perhaps by comforting them. A mother cuddles her baby, family pets are stroked, and if we accidently knock a limb we instinctively ‘rub it better’.

To touch someone can mean various things in different cultures. There are many social restraints which inhibit touching in public. For us, a formal handshake, nod of the head, and even a peck on each cheek are all recognized forms of greeting, and yet you can carry them out without showing any real emotion.

Indeed, our rather formal approach to physical contact is contrary to our most basic instincts and needs.

Fortunately, we are now rediscovering the healing power of massage and other touch therapies which have been understood in other cultures for thousands of years.

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