Fertility Acupuncture Cairns

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns
Fertility Acupuncture Cairns

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns – Here are some ideas on how Acupuncture can help you to conceive….there is however much more involved. Please book online via the book online button or alternatively send a message to 0408054538 with your questions on how Acupuncture can help your fertility.

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns

Pre menstrual syndrome

Lung 7, Spleen 6, Spleen 10

These points are used for various gynaecological problems including premenstrual syndrome. Lung 7 is the master point of the conception vessel and is used often with kidney 6 to treat both genitourinary and gynecological problems.

Irregular Menstruation


This point is used for any gynecological problem associate with blood, heat, stagnation or deficiency including irregular menstruation, period pains and premenstrual syndrome.

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns

Period Pain

Sp10, CV4, qipang and yaoyan

Points used for period pain include Sp10, CV4 and qipang, which found in a triangle with the navel at the apex.

Breast feeding problems


Used for all sorts of breast disorders including insufficient mil and mastitis, this point is at the side of the little fingernail so is ideal for using the pinching technique.

PC 1 this can also be pressed for insufficient milk flow.

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns


UB 60 and UB67

Useful points to press to ease labour pains are UB60 which can also encourage discharge of the placenta, and UB67, which is sometimes treated with moxa to help turn the baby if a breech birth is likely.

Fertility Acupuncture Cairns

Anxiety, stress and emotional problems

Heart 3 and Heart 7

In Chinese medicine anxiety, poor concentration or memory, depression and nervousness are often related to disorders of the spirit. Heart 3 and Heart 7 are useful for heat agitating the spirit causing anxiety, insomnia or upset spirit.

Heart 3 also helps to move qi and blood while heart 7 is more tonifying. Heart 7 is also useful for stress causing palpitations, panic or fear.

PC 4 and PC6 while PC 4 is used for spirit disorders associated with blood stasis or yin deficiency, PC6 is useful for spirit problems associated with both deficiency and excess causing nervousness, stress and poor memory.

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