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Trigger point therapy cairns

Emmett Cairns

Emmett Cairns Massage is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health and something we all do naturally. Cairns Massage 113 McManus Street Whitfield 4870 0408 054 538 It is a healing instinct, innate in all of us to rub an aching shoulder or stroke a sore leg or hold a 0 […]

Trigger point therapy cairns

Back Pain Cairns

Back Pain Cairns The Three Hidden Causes of All Back Pain Let me introduce to you to the three hidden causes of all back pain (really all health conditions, for that matter)’ begin with terms that are slightly technical, and then expl what they mean in plain EngUsh. Once you understand these key concepts, you’ll […]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cairns please Phone Tanya Galvin on 0408 054 538. Lymphatic drainage massage can be used from primary or secondary Lymphoedema.  Tanya Galvin has trained at the Melbourne Lymphatic drainage school.  We employ techniques specific to draining lymph and may often require you to use the bathroom once of twice during the treatment […]

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Lymphatic Massage Cairns

Lymphatic Massage Cairns Cairns Massage provides comprehensive health and wellness care in an environment that integrates conventional and holistic methods with a definitive sensorial experience. With more than fifty health and beauty therapies that nurture your skin, body and well-being, Cairns Massage provides the ultimate experience in day and destination spas. While enjoying the fascilities available […]