Massage Sciatica Cairns

Massage Sciatica Cairns

Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs when nerves are trapped and pain refers down the leg usually past the knee and often into the foot.

The nerve entrapment may be originating from the lower back and disc problems at say L5 level or S1 level.

The nerve entrapment may also be occurring due to a really tight set of muscles in the buttocks area – Gluteal muscles or piriformis muscle.

There will often be trigger points in these areas that need to be worked on.  Trigger points are active areas in a muscle where the nerve flows through and since there is pinching here…..the nerve cannot conduct messages down the leg properly.  This can cause pain down the leg and past the knee.  Common lines of nerve entrapment is down the outside of the leg or down the centre of the back of the leg.

Sciatica can be due to incorrect footwear, incorrect lifting techniques or just life in general – wear and tear.  Most people will experience sciatica in the lifetime.

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