Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Cairns Massage Offers A wide variety of Massages for All Stages of Life and for a great variety of conditions!

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Hello! from Cairns Massage.

We are covered by private health insurance for massage.  This means you can claim your receipts with your health fund and obtain a rebate.

We offer a broad range of massages –

Remedial massage, firm but relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, warm bamboo massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage and much more.

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Deep Tissue Massages Cairns – Massage For Later Life (The elderly)

Massage is an excellent way of preventing and relieving the common complaints experienced by older people it can relieve aches and pains.  Arthritis and Rhematism, anxiety, depression, heart problems, poor digestion and elimination, lack of energy and a whole host of other problems, massage enables us to live life to the fullest.

When working on older people it is vital that the room is warm since many of them feel the ocld very easily.  They may even wish to keep their clothes on.  Try to be sensitive to the needs of the individual.

The areas which are most accessible are the hands and feet.  Older peole derive great benefit from having these areas massaged.  Arthritis is usually a problem and pain can be considerably relieved by the use of massage.  A treatment of the hands and feet is an excellent introduction to massage for the elderly.  The neck, shoulders, back and knees are also areas that are prone to stiffness and respond well to treatment.

Older people will find treatment on a massage couch quite acceptable.  You need to be very adaptable to be prepared to roll garments up and to sometimes work through the clothes.  It’s well worth the effort- the elderly adore massage.

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns

Dos and Dont

Do check for contraindications

Do use gentle pressure as older skin tends to be thinner and more fragile.

Do massage above and below swollen areas.

Do massage unaffected joints to improve mobility.

Do advise checking out any suspicious lumps or moles.

Do use more massage oil as elderly skin tends to be dryer.

Do check with the doctor as to the adviseability of massage if there is a medical condition such as osteoporosis, cardiac disease etc.

Do take care with Diabetics.  The peripheral circulation can be poor and, if the nerves are affected, there may be a loss of sensory function so that the elderly person will not be able to five you accurate feedback.

Don’t massage directly on inflamed joints.

Dont perform any vigorous stretching.

Don’t mobilise painful joints.

Don’t massage severe varicose veins.

Deep Tissue Massages Cairns – It is highly beneficial for elderly people to massage their own hands every day as it will keep the skin thoroughly moisturised and soft and the hands wonderfully supple.  Daily massage of the hands will also engender a sense of peace and well-being.  Experiment with some essential oils.  Chamomile is highly recommended since it reduces inflammation, relieves aches and pains and calms and soothes.

Frankincense is also recommended as it revitalises and combats ageing skin.  Geranium helps to boost the circulation and is very uplifting.  Lemon assists with the removal of toxins and is an overall tonic.  Rosemary is pain relieving and stimulates the mind.

The importance of good diet for maintaining and preventing ill-health cannot be stressed enough.  Fresh fruit and vegetables should be eaten daily and eight glasses of water are recommended.  Gentle exercise, such as a short daily walk, is also essential.  Regular moderate exercise will improve circulation, tone the muscles, keep the joints flexible and help to prevent many diseases such as osteoporosis and heart problems.

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