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Massage Redlynch, Cairns, QLD, Australia.

massage redlynch

massage redlynch

Massage Redlynch

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Most people have had the experience of rubbing a sore muscle and finding a small spot that seemed to be the source of the larger area of pain.  People often call this a “knot”.  Zeroing in on this spot directly provides more relief than rubbing the larger area of pain.  What most people do not realize is that within that knot there will be a smaller spot.  This smaller spot may be no bigger than the head of a match but will be surrounded by a protective layer of tight muscle, making it difficult to detect.  Skilled touch therapists learn an array of techniques to relax muscle fibers surrounding these spots so that they may touch them more directly.

Touch therapy/massage is much more effective if one can uncover the match-head-sized spots buried within knotted muscles.  Being able to find and manipulate these spots takes a combination of a natural ability, training, and experience.  It is possible to develop one’s sense of touch to the point that one is able to feel things others cannot detect.  Sightless people, for example, often develop a heightened sense of touch.  In Japan, some of the most respected acupressurists are sightless.  While finding sore spots no bigger than a match-head buried within a muscle takes a refined sense of touch, the match-head-sized spot is not the end of the story.  Within the match-head-spot, there will be an even smaller spot not much bigger than a grain of sand.

The vast majority of sore spots, however large an area of discomfort they cause, are the result of tiny problem spots literally the size of a grain of sand.  These spots are the truie epicenters fo the soreness.  Many people have rubbed their own aching muscles, but few have developed their sense of touch to the degree of being able to feel tiny problem spots the size of a grain of sand.

I am not able to tell the vintage or age of a wine by tasting it, but I understand there are those who can.  I am, however, able to find tiney sore spots on virtually anybody I work on, just as many other acupuncturists and acupressurists can.  Of course most people, including most medical doctors, have not developed their ability to feel such sore spots.  But just because relatively few people have this capability does not mean such spots don’t exist.

The practitioners who will pamper you at Cairns Massage are highly experienced with at least 5-12 years experience in the profession………. Many of our therapists have received the highest accolades in their profession……………… Most are members of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society!……phone 0408054538…..I think you deserve the restoration and healing…….don’t you?

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Cairns Massage
113 McManus Street
Whitfield 4870
0408 054 538
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