Remedial Massage therapist Cairns

Remedial Massage therapist Cairns

Tanya Galvin has been a remedial massage therapist since 2002.  Book online here today!

Massage is amazing when it is done by a really good therapist.  Tanya has been working on cruise ships around the world with people of many different places and different conditions.

Do your frequently have back pain?  Do you suffer from neck tension?  The incidence of sensory ailments like these has been on the rise in western countries over the years.  However, despite the fact that many people suffer from them, these ailments are often accepted as facts of life.  People who are chronically stressed do not find the time or the strength to look after after their health and address the risks to it.  The many medications that are widely available today seem to work reliably and without risks, but they are replacing our own responsibility for our health.  For those who are not content to accept ailments as facts of life or to take medication on a regular basis, massage and acupressure may offer a solution.

Remedial Massage therapist Cairns – Regular massage offers the possibility of taking our well-being into our own hands and looking after our own health.  The effectiveness of massage is not limited to prevention of illness.  When our body’s defensive system fail, acupressure helps alleviate ailments and accelerates the healing process.  Give your body the gift of correctly applied massage therapy, and you are giving it the attention and care that will keep you healthy.  In Fact, you will find that minor ailments like repeated colds and chronic pain will no longer leave you helpless.

Remedial Massage therapist Cairns

How to Book and Appointment

Please follow the Book online button to book a time or check availability.  Alternatively please text

0408 054 538.

The clinic is located at 111-113 McManus street Whitfield.  Its in a Queenslander and the entrance if via the front door.  There is an intake form to fill in in the foyer.

Please note there is a 24 hour change or appointment or cancellation or no show policy.

The full Fee applies.  Massage White Rock Cairns or or or

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Remedial Massage therapistCairns
Remedial Massage therapist Cairns

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