Sports Massage Therapist Cairns

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns – Please text Tanya Galvin on 0408 054 538.

Sports Massage – is the treatment for athletes or active individuals.  It is ideal for the rehabilitation of sporting injuries, recovery from physical activity or maintaining normal muscle health for active individuals.

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns – Sports Massage can be used for

Muscle tension

Painful trigger points that refer pain.



Joint mobility and flexibility

Recovery from injury

Improved circulation

Recently I massaged about 17 Ironmen/Ironwomen.  I was given this opportunity by a group of coaches here in Cairns that train/coach these amazing athletes.

I was surprised by their enthusiasm for the new information I was able to provide them about their bodies after massaging them for 10 minutes each over two consecutive days.

I was happy to share my knowledge (that I have been acquiring enthusiastically since 2002 – after graduating from my Bachelor in Health Science- Acupuncture/Massage.

They enjoyed the new routines I could share with them about the Foam roller.  I loved teaching them what parts of their body they could focus on fixing/tweaking after I massaged them and was able to specifically say what muscles needed stretching or strengthening.

Sports Massage Therapist Cairns  – At the moment I regularly treat local people who are competing seriously for places in Kona – the worlds in this years Ironman competition.

I consider myself pretty fortunate to be working with such amazing and elite athletes and am happy to help them to reach their goals.

If you would like to call me and discuss my background and see if I am a good fit for your training schedule please send me a text on 0408 054 538.

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