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Massage is one of the most wonderful ways to relax.
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There are many different ailments massage is said to treat.  Trigger points need to be identified for each ailment for example – if you have a headache it is prudent to look at where the headache is occuring on the head.  Is it behind the eyes, of occipital etc.  We can do a differential diagnosis of the headache location then seek to deactivate trigger points which are causing the headache.
This is called remedial massage or trigger point massage.  We look at where tiny muscle knots are trapping the nerves and then where the pain is referring to – hence the sensation of a headache.
As well as alleviating specific ailments –
Massage can help un-knot tense and aching muscles and other minor symptoms of stress, leaving you fresh and energized.
Aromatherapy complements massage techniques: for example, lavender can be massaged into the skin for relaxation and restoration of energy and citrus and rosemary can be used to uplift spirits.
Specific oils and recipes for stress-related conditions are given, as are oils to encourage deep, relaxing sleep, heighten sensuality, invigorate the body and treat common problems such as migraine headaches, poor digestion and travel sickness.
Everyone always enjoys a nice foot massage – reflexology uses massage techniques on hands and feet that have an effect on all of our biological systems, based on the premise that the body is reflected in miniature in our hands and feet, reflexology teaches that by massaging these specific “reflex points” we can enhance our overall health and wellbeing.  Clear foot and hand charts indicate the reflex zones and points to follow, and full step-by-step techniques for working the whole body system are given.
Massage is a superb way for anyone wishing to renew energy and revitalize their life.
Tanya Galvin is the sole practitioner at Cairns Massage and she has her diploma of remedial massage.  She is also qualified as an Acupuncturist and also does dry needling of trigger points.
Tanya often combine massage with any needling that is performed to achieve a more thorough result.
Tanya Galvin has been working on cruise ships all over the world – 5 of them for Royal Carribean Cruise lines and also Princess Cruise ships.
Tanya Graduated from university with her Acupuncture/Chinese medicine degree with first class honours.
Tanya is now 41 years old and has been working full time as an Acupuncturist and Massage therapist for the last 17 years.
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