Massage Clinics Cairns

Massage Clinics Cairns
Massage Clinics Cairns

Massage Clinics Cairns – At Cairns Massage Clinic!


Cairns Massage is well known and Tanya Galvin has health fund provider status/coverage for remedial massage.

We offer remedial massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massages, hot stone massage, dry needling, Acupuncture to name a few.

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Please phone Tanya Galvin on 0408 054 538

113 McManus Street

Whitfield Cairns

Australia 4870
Headache and Migraine Pain Is Treatable
People often assume that if a parent had the same type of condition, it must be genetic and they’ll
just ha’e to learn to li’e with it, 1t is true that if one parent has migraines you’re more likely to get
migraines, and if both parents get migraines this increases your chances even more; howe’er, at this
time there is no known biological link, just a statistical correlation, While it mayor may not be true
that people’s headaches are genetic, I never operate on the assumption that they are, or that a condi·
tion can’t be improved even if it is genetic. You learn many things from your parents eating habits,
exercise habits, how you deal with stressful situations, even posture and gestures and all of these can
influence your heillth,
I frequently hear thilt practitioners hilve told people things like “You’re just getting older” or “You’ll
ju~t have to leMn to live with it,” How depressing! I never assume I ciln’t help someone, or thilt I can t
think of someone to refer them to, such ilS a chiroprilctor, naturopath, or surgeon, who can help them,
I’w ilctuillly treilted several birl, simple cases where the person had been told their onl’ recourse
wa~ to k’ilrn to liH’ with their pain only because the doctor didn’t know about trig~er points or.”ls
unwilling to rder to an “a lternati’c” practitioner, Thankfully, that has been changmg, I’ll’ dodors
, ,lrl’ c’xposc’d to a wldc’r rangl’ of altl’rnatl, ‘es 1,1 1 meli ‘I ca I sc I1 00I”, an d S’O Il1~’ :lI o~- t () rs. ‘ho h ‘l l’t? been out 01
s( hool for ~Oll1l’ t i 1l1l’ are getti ng excited abou t ex plori ng other options,
In Spl, tl’ of bl’ing told that you haH’ to learn to I,! H’ Wi,t hyouri me’t Il -a I u-mlf It I’e m “”)S SUllll’ •Y OU (,)n
(h,l!1gl’it at Il’ast until you hal’l’l’xhausted all tre,)tn1l’nt options

The Importance of Prompt Treatment
~n (,lll’l1, I heM P,l tien ts say, “[ “ept th i n kll1g II would go a’ ay.” ~onwl i nws s V In ptOIn” will go ~wav i
a It” d,’~” ,1I1d nl’H’r return. But more otten, Ihe l(lI1ger YOU “alt to sel’ ” paIn wlil go aWily, the’ n
t11w;,ks be((lI1ll’ inyohed in the chain reartion of chronic pain and dy,,(unction / Inusck: hllrt~’rc
fnrms trIgger points, then the .1 rea of rderr.1l (“hl’rl’ YOU il’el the pain or otlwr symptoms) starts to h~~
,1 nd tightl’n up .1 nd torms its o” n satell ill’ t rigger poi nts, then Ilia I ,1 rca refl’rs pa I n sonll’where else, an t
S11 on. Or the p,lin may impnwe for a I’hill’, but the trigger points Me really just in an in.1ctivc Pha~
,1I1d can readily lwcome active and cause pain or other symptoms once again.
/s explained in chapter I, e’entually therl’ will be permanent structural dam.1ge to the mllscle
cells and sensitization of the central nernllls system. Thl’ probk’m gL’ts more complex the longer
trigger points Me Idt untreated, becoming more p.1inful, more debilitating, more frustrilting, and
more time-consuming and expensi l’ to treat. Plus, the longer YOU walt, the less li”elv you are to get
complL’te relief and the more Ii”eh it is that your trigger points I ill be reacti’ated chronically and

How to Book and Appointment

Please follow the Book online button to book a time or check availability.  Alternatively please text

0408 054 538.

The clinic is located at 111-113 McManus street Whitfield.  Its in a Queenslander and the entrance if via the front door.  There is an intake form to fill in in the foyer.

Please note there is a 24 hour change or appointment or cancellation or no show policy.

The full Fee applies.  Massage White Rock Cairns or or or

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